DrLizMD: Toxins Disrupt Your Hormones!

As Dr. Liz explains to Art Kirsch and John Coleman of Celebrating Act 2™, toxins are all around us–we can even create them internally with conditions such as stress! Because toxins are like a poison, among the damage they can do is disrupt our body’s ability to make hormones which help to regulate a healthy … Read more

Is Covid-19 A Racial Issue?

Contributing Expert Dr. Liz MD also has a degree in Public Health so she explains to Art Kirsch and John Coleman of Celebrating Act 2™ about the data gathered from months of dealing with the COVID-19 virus and what it reveals about minorities being disproportionately impacted. The discussion centers around the fact that while there … Read more

DrLizMD: Hormones and Relationships

Dr Liz answers questions about how our hormones affect our relationships. Of course any discussion of hormones involves talk of menopause—the most dramatic change in our hormones. But this is not just for women. Dr Liz explains to Art Kirsch and John Coleman of Celebrating Act 2™ that so many of our hormones influence us … Read more

DrLizMD: Value of Testing For COVID-19

Dr. Liz explains the value of testing for the corona virus to Art Kirsch and John Coleman of Celebrating Act 2™. She goes into the different types of testing as well as the value of testing for the corona virus antibody. They also discuss the way tests can be used to maximum benefit and the … Read more

DrLizMD: Hormones and Premature Aging

One question everyone over 50 asks is how do I stay young? Or put another way, how can I prevent premature aging? Hormones –there are many hormones in our body–can have a great effect on our body aging as well as whether we FEEL old before our time. Celebrating Act 2™’s regular contributing medical expert … Read more

Dr. Liz on Hormones Forever?

A specialist in Hormones, Dr Liz Lyster, answers her most Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) “Once I start on hormone replacement therapy do I have to stay on it forever?” The co-founders of Celebrating Act 2™have plenty of follow up questions which help clarify the very common therapy which engenders lots of confusion in both men … Read more

DrLizMD: Facts On Male Menopause

The founders of Celebrating Act 2™, Art Kirsch and John Coleman, turn to contributing medical expert, Dr Liz Lyster MD for the facts on what many consider to be only a myth: MALE MENOPAUSE! Dr Liz sets the record straight and explains about natural hormone production in the body as well as hormone replacement therapy. … Read more

Re COVID-19: Dr Liz MD on Testing and Statistics

Our Celebrating Act 2™ medical expert, Dr Liz MD, answers questions from founders Art Kirsch and John Coleman to clear us some confusion about the importance of testing and the various types of testing for the COVID-19 virus. Dr Liz, who has a virtual practice and sees clients from all over the country, also talks … Read more

A Doctor’s Perspective and Advice re COVID-19

With her medical practice very close to the virus’ hot spot in the SF Bay area, Dr. Liz reports one physician’s perspective of our society’s response to the pandemic. Besides some excellent information about COVID-19 and updates on testing our regular contributor to CelebratingAct2™ offers he own brand of advice for healthy living during our … Read more

COVID-19, What are ‘Underlying Health Issues’?

To clear up any misunderstandings about the Corona Virus, and so we can each better assess our individual risk for COVID-19, Dr Liz Lyster, MD explains to Celebrating Act 2™ co-founders, Art Kirsch and John Coleman just what is meant by “Underlying Health Issues,” often referred to in warnings about the Corona Virus. Dr.Liz points … Read more