Help, Our Sex Life Fell Off Radar!

Love and Relationship Coach, Michele Fabrega gives advice for those who have seen their sexual relations wane and want to improve their sex life, not just for frequency but quality. Michele has practical steps for you to take to begin to assess any underlying problem and good ideas on how to approach the issue with … Read more

Anticipating Your ‘Magic Age’

Ever look at a future birthday either anticipating dread or joy? We all probably have felt at one time or another that some particular age would have a magic effect–good or bad. Was it turning 30? or 60? or maybe much younger…. What is it in most humans that makes us do that? And does … Read more

Manny Pacheco: We Love ‘B’ Movies!

Is it sitting at home during COVID-19 for weeks that got us talking about all the old “B” movies? Dunno…but the more we talked about the more we realized how much fun they are–from the classic B feature in the era of double features (with a newsreel and cartoon!) to today’s low budget indy films…there’s … Read more

DrLizMD: Toxins Disrupt Your Hormones!

As Dr. Liz explains to Art Kirsch and John Coleman of Celebrating Act 2™, toxins are all around us–we can even create them internally with conditions such as stress! Because toxins are like a poison, among the damage they can do is disrupt our body’s ability to make hormones which help to regulate a healthy … Read more

Love & Pizza – The Book

Yes, we love food–including pizza–and yes, romance often revolves around subtle, sensual acts like eating….Which is one reason why John Mariani, the noted Food and Travel writer and contributor to Celebrating Act 2™, chose to do a romantic novel, entitled Love & Pizza. In this video he speaks with John and Art about the adventure … Read more

Picking Your Perfect Pet: Outdoor Cats

If you’re thinking of getting a CAT, animal behaviorist and training expert, Sarah Surritt, has some advice about the PROS and CONS of making your cat and outdoor pet. It’s one of many videos she’s doing for Celebrating Act 2 about finding the perfect pet–for everyone! Some very interesting information as well as good advice!

Is Covid-19 A Racial Issue?

Contributing Expert Dr. Liz MD also has a degree in Public Health so she explains to Art Kirsch and John Coleman of Celebrating Act 2™ about the data gathered from months of dealing with the COVID-19 virus and what it reveals about minorities being disproportionately impacted. The discussion centers around the fact that while there … Read more

This Just in: Bad NEWS!

Why does it seem all the news is BAD news? Does only negativity reign? Bill Jordan of Embrace The Boom, shares perspective and a few important facts with Art Kirsch and John Coleman of Celebrating Act 2™. Join this trio of seniors as they chop up the ‘news’ media and have fun doing it! You’ll … Read more

Americas Cuisine:The Gift of Immigrants

As America is a land of immigrants, so too our cuisine is as varied and diverse as our population’s origins. Who doesn’t eat pizza or Chinese take-out or enjoy a Greek salad (among other ethnic cuisines) now and then? Food and Travel writer John Mariani, Editor of The Virtual Gourmet newsletter, is a considerable food … Read more

DrLizMD: Hormones and Relationships

Dr Liz answers questions about how our hormones affect our relationships. Of course any discussion of hormones involves talk of menopause—the most dramatic change in our hormones. But this is not just for women. Dr Liz explains to Art Kirsch and John Coleman of Celebrating Act 2™ that so many of our hormones influence us … Read more