To live is to love. Whether it’s children (and grandchildren), parents, spouses or friends and neighbors or even your book club, relations with other people make life satisfying. But we all know relationships can be challenging. Celebrating Act 2 explores ways to make this aspect of life as gratifying as possible.

CA2 Thumb Michele F. 199 Dating During Pandemic
CA2 Thumb Michele F. 195 Problem Relative at Family Gathering
Dr. G. THUMB 2 - Child Manipulates
CA2 Thumb Michele F. 159 My Divorce Pt2 Move On
CA2 Thumb Michele F. 156 Difficult Discussion
Romance Knows No Age Boundaries
Romance Knows No Age Boundaries

A few simple tips to add some spark to your relationships.

CA2 Thumb Michele F. 111 SpiceUp Relationship Part 2
CA2 Thumb Michele F. 104 Sex Fell Off Radar- What to DO_
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