Celebrating Act 2 is proud to be associated with a number of nationally known personalities and experts. We’re pleased to have them as regular contributors since each offers something unique to our over-50 audience. You’ll find their videos in the appropriate Celebrating Act 2 category (Lifestyle, Health, Entertainment, etc.) But we also recommend you use the Contributors pulldown menu (far right side of the navigation bar at the top of each page) to directly access their individual newsletter, blog or website. When you do, be sure to subscribe to them.

John Mariani

VIRTUAL GOURMET is the Travel & Food newsletter from journalist/author John Mariani. For Celebrating Act 2 interviews John shares adventures, advice and tips on travel, culture and cuisine based on 40 years of globe-hopping and traversing the US. His motto is, Go Everywhere But Go Prepared!  To see all of John’s contributions to CelebratingAct2™ interviews     CLICK HERE

Dr. Liz Lyster, M.D.

Dr. Liz Lyster, MD is nationally known as DR. LIZ, MD. Besides being an author and in-demand speaker, she sees patients from around the world both in-person at her San Francisco Bay Area office and virtually, online.  A specialist in balancing Hormones (for both men and women) Dr. Liz is dedicated to helping maintain your best quality of life, including optimizing your weight, health and vitality.  To see all of Dr Liz Lyster's contributions to CelebratingAct2™ interviews   CLICK HERE

Manny Pacheco

FORGOTTEN HOLLYWOOD is professor, broadcaster and author Manny Pacheco’s BLOG as well as the umbrella title of his three books on Hollywood’s Golden Age intertwined with American History. For Celebrating Act 2 interviews, spell-binding storyteller Manny Pacheco shares not only little-known Hollywood lore but modern, behind-the-scenes doings of the Entertainment Industry — as well as tales of your favorite stars past and present.   To see all of Manny's contributions to CelebratingAct2™ interviews CLICK HERE

Bill Jordan, Embrace The Boom

Bill Jordan’s EMBRACE THE BOOM isn’t just a website, it’s a movement! His mission is to empower, encourage and inspire his fellow members of the Baby Boom Generation! With a 40 year background in commercial radio, Bill is a charming and entertaining raconteur who’s developed 15 practices for getting the most out of life… with more coming! For Celebrating Act 2 Bill shares fun, philosophy and wisdom gleaned from 65 years of joyous living. You can find our Celebrating Act 2 interviews with Bill Jordan under LIFESTYLES.  To see all of Bill's contributions to CelebratingAct2™ interviews    CLICK HERE

GET PAWSITIVE is the brainchild of well-known Animal Behavior and Training Consultant, Sarah Surritt. Because our four-legged furry companions are so important to us, CelebratingAct2™ is pleased to add her to our list of regular contributing experts. A life-long animal lover, Sarah’s family includes horses, goats, chickens and a pig as well as cats and dogs. Of course her specialty is training dogs and people of all ages.  We’re sure you will not only get great ideas to help you bond with your furry companion, but also enjoy her many stories and examples.  To see all of Sarah's contributions to CelebratingAct2™ interviews   CLICK HERE

Michele Fabrega is a Love and Relationship Coach and certified mediator. She delights in helping individuals and couples who are struggling in their relationships find the connection and intimacy they desire. To see all of Michele's contributions to CelebratingAct2™ interviews  CLICK HERE

THE BRAIN WHISPERER—Steven R. Campbell teaches people how to create the life they want by changing the way they think. A nationally known speaker, author, teacher and radio talk host, Steve’s personal story is proof our brains conform to the messages we give them and that his methods really work. He shares cutting edge brain research to help you literally rewire your brain to create new positive self-images of who you want to be and want to become.  To see our initial Celebrating Act 2™ interview with Steve, his four foundational videos to help you get started, and all his subsequent videos on special issues in your life, CLICK HERE

Writer, Producer, Author and TV personality, Herbie J Pilato, is not only an expert in television of the '50s, '60s and '70s, he’s an enthusiastic fan! It’s always fun to talk with him about the chief cultural influence in the lives of all baby boomers: television!  With over a dozen books to his credit, Herbie J is a human encyclopedia filled with stories and behind-the-scenes anecdotes. As a working industry professional, he also brings a unique perspective to all the discussions, elevating them far above mere nostalgia.  To see all of Herbie J’s videos for Celebrating Act 2™    CLICK HERE

Donnalynn Polito is known as “The Fitness Pro Over 60.” In the health and fitness industry as an instructor for over 40 years, she has qualified for a long list of impressive credentials which include specialties such as Rehab, Weight Loss & Nutrition among others. Celebrating Act 2 asked Donnalynn to create a weekly series of videos combining her two major fields of expertise: Exercise and Nutrition. We call it, Short & Sweet.  The goal is to offer quick and easy tips for those of us in the Act 2 Generation to move more and eat better. To see all Donnalynn’s video contributions to CelebratingAct2™  CLICK HERE


Blogging as THE HUNGOVER WIDOW, author, writer and former attorney Debbie Weiss helps women navigate the ‘cesspool’ of middle-aged dating. Now, she’s doing her poignant, witty, social commentary on the sexes (started after she was widowed at 50) on video for Celebrating Act 2™.  Debbie talks to all middle-aged single people who are searching the dating scene hoping to find a loving partner. While she speaks from her personal, woman’s point of view, any astute male can pick up some good advice on women and dating. Male or female, you’ll appreciate Debbie’s honesty and meaningful analysis of the battle of the sexes while enjoying her wry humor and her all-too-true horror stories of dating.   To watch all of Debbie’s videos for Celebrating Act 2   CLICK HERE