Dr LIZ MD: The Importance Of Antioxidants

The term Antioxidants has become common but what is it all about? What do Antioxidants really do for us? Jut how important are they? For this Celebrating Act 2 video, Dr Liz MD breaks it all down and explains what they are and how important they are in fighting toxins and pathogens bombarding our bodies … Read more

Dr LIZ MD: Essential Oils — Do They Work?

When Art and John raise the question of the science behind Essential Oils, Dr Liz is there with the facts. She discusses how they are made and how they work in the body as well as some of the different kinds of essential oils and their benefits. You’ll be surprised at how important these products … Read more

Dr LIZ MD: Fasting and ANTI-AGING!

Is there a connection between how much we eat and how fast we age? Dr Liz Lyster shares the science on the connection between our caloric intake and our living a longer, healthier life. You’ll be enlightened by the facts she presents as well as the discussion with Art and John of Celebrating Act 2. … Read more

Dr LIZ MD: Should i take a Nap?

Is Napping good for you –or maybe bad for you? How does taking a nap effect your sleep? The older we get, napping becomes more routine, especially for retired folks. But what about those people who have been napping all their lives? Dr Liz MD gives us the straight medical advice on “cat-napping” as it … Read more

Dr LIZ MD: A New Look at PTSD

After Korea and WWII they called it “Shell Shock.” After Vietnam War it was more accurately labeled PTSD. Now science is looking at it differently since this debilitating trauma that hits both brain and body is not limited to war or combat. Dr Liz explains what PTSD is, what the symptoms are and how it … Read more

Dr LIZ MD: Is Grilling Food Safe?

When the winter ends the backyard grills get fired up across the USA. But Dr Liz has important information for Grillers and BBQers! It’s about those tasty black lines of ‘char’ on the meat…you know, the ones that prove it’s been grilled! She warns us about HDAs or Heterocyclic Amines created by the charred meat … Read more

Dr LIZ MD: What Is a Concierge Doctor?

Sometimes called “Executive Healthcare” the concept of Concierge Medicine is becoming more popular. Dr. Liz MD explains what it is…and what it is not. Do patients and doctors benefit equally and is it affordable? What makes it different than ‘Tele-Health” and does it replace medical insurance? You should know more about this aspect of modern … Read more

Dr LIZ MD: Fertility update/Twins and Other Trends

Ironically, as much of the developed world experiences lower birth rates and declining population, the incidence of multiple births overall is increasing. Why this increase in Fertility? Dr Liz gives Celebrating Act 2 a fascinating look at the current trends in Fertility. It’s an interesting discussion! For more information about Dr. Liz MD, visit her … Read more

Dr LIZ MD: The Difference in Quality of SUPPLEMENTS

Dr Liz recommends vitamins and supplements for her patients but is concerned about them getting good quality products. She has partnered with an online supplier which guarantees PHARMACEUTICAL GRADE Supplements. In this video she discusses the vast difference in quality among supplement manufacturers and retailers and why it’s important to trust your supplements are up … Read more