Our Mission

In Life, as in the Theater, Act 2 is where all the interesting stuff happens! Act 1 is just an introduction, thus Celebrating Act 2™ was born. If you’re 50 or older —or have a loved one who is— Celebrating Act 2™ is for YOU!

Our 5 Pillars: Lifestyle, Health, Relationships, Finance & Entertainment

A couple of geezers with many years producing television and media, loving what they do and having no intention of ever retiring, were sitting around looking for their next project, throwing ideas around. How about celebrating all the things we know now that we didn’t know then? How about celebrating all the opportunities we have now? How about celebrating life? And, how about pulling together resources to help navigate through life’s ups and downs? .

We’re celebrating anything and everything! Including just being alive!

If you’re over 50 (and no matter how far over 50 you are) you know there are some people who want to write you off. Not us! Life is too short and we’re dedicated to help make the most of it. Join us in celebrating all the positive things life has to offer and help you navigate the negatives. It all starts with and attitude of celebrating your personal Act 2!

If you’re not yet 50 you can learn a few things to help support your parents or grandparents or other loved one in making their Act 2 a celebration!

Celebrating Act 2 is a multimedia project to help everyone over 50 navigate and enjoy their ‘second act’. Notice we don’t say ‘retirement because a lot of us will never actually retire — we’re having too much fun!

The weekly TV Show and this companion website are designed to entertain while giving inspiration and information to explore your options and to celebrate your personal Act 2!

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