Dr Angela Sadler Williamson:Tell Yourself YES

Celebrating Act 2™ founders, Art Kirsch and john Coleman interview noted Educator, Author and Filmmaker, Dr Angela Sadler Williamson, about her Act 2 transition from working in TV and Media to becoming a full time Educator and earning a PH.D. But it’s not just about having the courage to change careers in mid-life. Dr. Angela’s story is about recognizing opportunities and making the most of them. Along the way she made a documentary film on Civil Rights Icon, Rosa Parks, a relative by marriage. It is an important film and led to other opportunities such as books and speaking engagements. Dr. Angela’s journey may be similar to that of many women but her choices and pursuits hold inspiring lessons for us all. You’ll enjoy this open and charming woman as she tells her fascinating story to Celebrating Act 2™.

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