The Value of A Certified Financial Planner: Dave Samuels

Finances–and everything which that involves–is the most common difficult issue for people…and often the most important! That can be especially true for those of us approaching (or already in ) retirement. Celebrating Act 2 was referred to Dave Samuels, a Certified Financial Planner™ and the founder and CIO (Chief Investment Officer) of Corinthian Wealth Management. In this series of 6 videos, Dave explains all about financial planning, who needs it and why. He breaks the overall concept into 5 basic “Pillars” which we delve into separately in subsequent videos . But start here with this video overview and you’ll find out how easy it is to grasp the ideas –and how important it is for everyone to PLAN for their financial future!
We found Dave to be not only knowledgeable and friendly but a good instructor because he had lots of down-to-earth examples of how things work. We think you’ll gain important information and insight by watching all 6 videos. Let us know how this has helped you!

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