The Brain Whisperer: Motivation vs Procrastination

Keep putting things off? Just can’t get motivated to do what need to be done? Find it hard to meet deadlines? This video’s for you! “Brain Whisperer” Steven R Campbell explains how our brains work –especially when it comes to things we ‘HAVE TO’ do! He talks about restrictive motivation (do it or else) as well as constructive motivation (This will be fun!) and how YOU can train your brain to get motivated for any task. You’ll probably see yourself when he describes how our brain naturally pushes back against restrictive prohibitions with excuses like ‘I’ll get to it After I do this other thing…” and the passive aggressive technique of doing JUST enough to barely qualify as having done the task! Best of all Steve has very specific steps for you to take to convince your brain to get motivated and NOT Procrastinate! This is an important video –don’t delay watching it! You’ll be glad you did!

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