Faster Home Sale – Leslie Eskildsen for Celebrating Act 2™

If you’re over 50 and want to sell your home after being in it for a long time, you will need to “Stage” it for the current taste of the market. Leslie Eskildsen, a respected Southern California realtor, shares the basic tips for staging your home for sale to help you get the best price.

The Pink Lady Who Is Truly In The Pink

Pink Lady, Jackie Goldberg,  takes us on a tour of her one of a kind house.   One of the most remarkable people you will ever meet, this 85 years young entrepreneur continues to re-invent herself over and over again.  We will soon be releasing a fascinating interview that took place after this tour.  Pink … Read more

Aging Successfully In Your Own Home

Geriatric Care Manager Shiffy Crane, discusses pros and cons of older people remaining in their own homes and once the decision is made, things to do to make it a successful and safe environment . For more information, Shiffy can be reached at www.elder-care-manager.comi