Podcaster Nancy Lang Gibbs Chats with Celebrating Act 2™ about Living Later Life!

Join Art and John as they interview a fascinating woman who is a Certified Life Coach specializing in helping ‘older’ women to enjoy ‘Later Life’ through her Podcast. For Nancy Lang Gibbs, it’s a personal mission based on her life’s journey. In this video , the effervescent and positive Coach Gibbs not only explains the benefits of her “Loving Later Life” series of PODCASTS for listeners, but how and why it all came about. Her Mission is to help women in later life create a life filled with purpose, meaningful personal connections, and happiness while walking through life’s changes. Her own story and her mission to help others is inspirational as are the subjects she tackles in her Podcasts!

For more on Coach Nancy Lang Gibbs and her Podcasts, go to https://nancylanggibbs.com/loving-later-life-podcast/

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