Muriel’s Angels – A Second Act Labor Of Love Story

The Celebrating Act 2™ audience is made up of people who are living longer, healthier lives than generations past. So many of us are starting second and third careers, hobbies and trying new and challenging things like never before. Our guest today, John Ludwig, has succeeded in many Act 2s, not the least of which is establishing a 501(c)3 non-profit charity to providing vans to families with children with special needs who might otherwise not be able to easily transport them to doctor’s appointments or maybe just get out and have some fun. This is the story of why he founded MURIEL’S ANGELS and what they do.

For more information about Muriel’s Angels please visit:
or you can contact them at: Phone: 949-768-8666

John’s inspiring story is more fully described in an article Art Kirsch wrote about a decade ago:

John Ludwig has written and produced several movies and allowed Art (as a first time producer) to produce an adaption of one of his original screenplays, Remembrance

2 thoughts on “Muriel’s Angels – A Second Act Labor Of Love Story”

  1. Very impressive John. You bring a lot of good deeds to this crazy world of ours. I can tell you get great satisfaction from this and I know your mother is beyond proud of your endeavors. I’m hoping this will be a Hugh success and you continue to do well. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Muriel was a special lady and it obviously rubbed off on her sons, John and Philip. Both of them are socailly conscious and excellent human beings. John has invested much of his own money getting the foundation going. Muriel’s Angels has donated several vans to needy family and I know he has received satisfaction on setting up the foundation, funding it and helping handicapped children’s families be able to transport them. On of the little girls whose family received a van told John that he was an angel. That may be a first, but he is definitely a caring and kind individual. Judi is right, his mom would be proud.


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