Liz Stirling: Be a Fixer!

Professional Media Producer, Liz Stirling is a natural problem solver–in the UK (she’s from Scotland) they call her job a “Fixer.” For years she’s navigated around dangerous locations, difficult personalities and challenging situations to produce all kinds of TV shows, documentaries, concerts and more– all around the world. But after locating to the US, COVID hit hard and her industry screeched to an instant stop! Her inspiring story involves going back to school to study epidemiology and COVID in order to find ways to return the media production industry to work — Safely! Not only will you enjoy her personal story but love her positive attitude toward life’s ups and downs. She’s a natural born ‘Fixer’ but promises you can be one too!

You can find ‘Showbiz Liz’ Stirling on the following media sites:

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