Leonard Szymczak Enhancing a Classic: Tiny Tim’s Christmas Carol

So, What might have happened to Tiny Tim and Bob Cratchit AFTER Scrooge’s transformation? The creative mind of writer (and psychotherapist) Leonard Szymczak (pronounced: SIM-Check) conjured up inspirational details of Charles Dickens’ beloved but narrowly described characters to fill out the story of “A Christmas Carol” as he sees it. Tiny Tim’s transformation is the second book in Szymczak’s trilogy revealing the “Untold Miracles Of Dicken’s Classic,” following his book, “Bob Cratchit’s Christmas Carol”. It’s a lively interview as we discuss the author’s inspiration and uplifting messages for his readers. You’ll also find important comments on writing, psychology, spirituality and personal development. A discussion worth watching about two books worth reading!

Leonard Szymczak, MSW, LCSW, is a psychotherapist, writer, speaker, and life coach. For more on Leonard Szymczak go to www.LeonardSzymczak.com

To watch a charming short video on Leonard’s book, “Bob Cratchit’s Christmas Carol” go to: https://youtu.be/__k5guGUHS0

If you want to know more about Leonard, please check out his other websites: fightingforlovenow.com   and   powertoolsformen.org



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