J.A. Jance: Real Life vs FICTION!

Prolific mystery writer J.A. Jance talks to Art and John of Celebrating Act 2™ about both her life and work. Her newest novel (of over 60 in print! ) “Unfinished Business,” features one of her most popular characters, Ali Reynolds. J.A. is forthcoming in comparing her own real life story with the fictional adventures and backgrounds of Ali Reynolds as well as her other famous characters, such as JP Beaumont, Joanna Brady and The Walker Family. This video is not only a fun behind-the-scenes talk with a New York Times Best selling author about her writing but a touching story of a woman who reinvented herself in middle age and went on to become one of America’s best loved mystery/detective novelists. J.A Jance is open, fun, honest and inspiring. She even reads us one of her heart warming poems!

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