FREE ONLINE Workshop: Rapid Recall – Getting Your Dog to COME When Called

Celebrating Act 2’s regular contributing expert for pets and animals, Sarah Surritt of Get Pawsitive Dog Training, announces a FREE online workshop for dog owners on RAPID RECALL — or, 5 things you need to know to get your dog to COME to you! As she explains to Art and John of Celebrating Act 2™, there’s lots more that will be shared during the workshop including the #1 Non-Negotiable rule!

For more on Sarah Surritt go to or contact her at the following email:
You can sign up for Get Pawsitive’s Free Workshop on recalling your dog at
The Free Workshop discussed in this video will be held on Thursday August 25, 2022 9AM Pacific but you can check the Get Pawsitive website anytime for future events as well.
Also check out Sarah Surritt’s monthly Pawsitive Training Club

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