Donnalynn Polito: Age Successfully

Celebrating Act 2™ founders Art Kirsch and John Coleman talk with Exercise and Nutrition Expert, Donnalynn Polito of The Body Fit Solution. Donnalynn, has been in the fitness industry for over 30 years, first as an aerobics instructor and now as a personal trainer. Equally as important are her long list of nutritional credentials. She specializes in bodies over 50 and espouses both physical fitness and healthy eating are important. They discuss Donnalynn’s numerous credentials and training as well as her philosophy and approach to training and fitness. In this video you’ll not only meet a charming and accomplished expert but learn about how she works with clients one-on-one, online to solve their unique physical issues.
After meeting Donnalynn, in this video, look for her series of short training videos done for celebrating Act 2 entitled, “Short & Sweet.” In each video of that series she gives one short exercise and explains how it can help your body, followed by a ‘sweet’ nutritional tip to help you stay healthy.
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Donnalynn has longer exercise-routine videos on her YouTube channel: YouTube/FitnessPro Over 60
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