Like Father, Like Son

Some 35 years ago I pulled an ‘all-nighter’ while preparing a major sales presentation.  I was VP of Sales & Marketing for a company called MagiCorp, a high resolution computer 35mm slide making service and subsidiary of the company that made the movie Tron.  Back in those days, companies that provided this service often used expensive film recorders (we used Celco).  I was at our offices that had the film recorders and processing lab.  While waiting for the latest batch of slides, I sat down and used one of our workstations to create an image that reflected the status of our team in those early morning hours.  That was my inspiration for creating Commatoes.

Fast forward to 2023.  I found a copy of the image and shared it with my son Michael, a professional videographer who produces commercials and other high quality projects at the company he founded, Cinematek Creative.  Unbeknownst to me, he got in his mind to create an animated version of the image and somewhere along the way, he set about to create this, from scratch, as he had only the image to work with, no underlying file with the fonts, colors, etc.

The result is this ‘collaboration’.  Sort of like Fred Flintstone meets George Jetson.

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