Boost Your Relationship with MEDITATION!

Looking for a way to take your relationship to a new level? Celebrating Act 2’s favorite relationship expert, Coach MIchele Fabrega, explains how meditation can help. It’s a fascinating concept and to many counterintuitive…but one that works. Try it and Let us know what you think!

Michele Fabrega on Acting Your Age — WHY?

Yes, there’s still a little bit of child in each of us no matter how old we get. In this video, Celebrating Act 2’s Love and Relationship expert, Michel Fabrega explains why it’s important to nurture your inner child and regain some of the playfulness and youthful mindset many older people deride! ‘Growing UP” doesn’t … Read more

How To Have More FUN With Your Partner!

Relationships go through phases but that doesn’t mean we can’t still have fun together! Call it enjoying your togetherness, a sense of joy or playfulness, or anything else! Love and Relationship Coach, Michele Fabrega addresses both the need to enjoy our partner and ideas to help put some fun back in the relationship! This could … Read more

Public Displays of Affection: Yes or No?

Ever want to say, “Get a ROOM!” to a couple getting too romantic in public? Love and Relationship Coach, Michele Fabrega, discusses attitudes toward public displays of affection with Celebrating Act 2™ co-founders John Coleman and Art Kirsch. See where you fall in line with this interesting discussion, and let us know!

Sure-Fire RELATIONSHIP KILLERS–and what to do about them!

Yes, there are some thing you can do which will bring your relationship to an instant halt–and worse! Everyone should be aware of these and learn how to avoid them. Now you can, thanks to Celebrating Act 2™’s favorite Love and Relationship Coach, Michele Fabrega. Let us know if this video has helped you!

Debbie Weiss, The Hungover Widow

Debbie Weiss

Writer, blogger and now author, Debbie Weiss, had entertained (and educated) readers about the ups and downs of DATING AS A WIDOW for a number of years. She’s been published widely in outlets and periodicals such as Huffington Post; The New York Times Modern Love Column; and various Hearst magazines. Her stories vary from inspiring … Read more

When People Ask You for Advice—What To Do?

As discussed in a previous video Giving Unsolicited advice can be problematic. In this video, Love and Relationship Coach flips the tables and discusses the perils of being actively solicited for advice– and what to do, whether you want to give advice or not! It’s a common situation! Let us know if you see yourself … Read more

Choosing A Confidant for Love & Relationship Challenges

We all need to confide in someone–to occasionally share our secret thoughts and unburden ourselves. Who is that person we choose to be our confidant? Are they trustworthy? Think of the pitfalls of sharing your deepest feelings with someone who cannot keep a confidence! Celebrating Act 2’s expert Love & Relationship Coach, Michele Fabrega, talks … Read more

Dating A Widow

Dating for seniors can have many different ramifications than for younger people. As we get older the chances of dating someone who has lost a spouse, becomes much more likely. In this video Love & Relationship Coach, Michele Fabrega addresses some of the issues men face in dating a widow. Of course, much of her … Read more

Offering Advice…Can be problematic

Advice–it’s a funny thing! Sometimes it’s welcome and sometimes it’s not! There’s good advice and bad advice. Is there a motive behind your advice? …and it goes on. Being an advice GIVER can be difficult…and problematic. Celebrating Act 2’s Love & Relationship expert, Coach Michel Fabrega, explores many aspects and pitfalls of GIVING ADVICE. It’s … Read more