We all want to he heard and acknowledged–especially by those we care about most. In this video Celebrating Act 2™’s expert contributor, Love & Relationship Coach, Michel Fabrega explains and important technique called “DEEP LISTENING” and how it can be used to increase the bond between two people. She emphasizes how being a good listener … Read more

How to STOP GHOSTING Forever!

Is “Ghosting” a new buzzword for an age-old human practice or is it something new? Love & Relationship Coach, Michele Fabrega dives into it with Art and John to find out why we do it to people we once said we like and what the victim of Ghosting can do about it! It’s an interesting … Read more

How To Stop Judging Our Partners

What is it to be “Judgemental”? And why/when is it a bad thing? Celebrating Act 2™’s Love & Relationship Coach, Michele Fabrega, helps Art and John explain what it’s all about and how it can be harmful to a relationship. She also makes sure to give us some very simple but practical techniques (and mind-set) … Read more


What is “Authenticity” and how does one become “Authentic”? Art and John of Celebrating Act 2 ask Love and Relationship Coach Michele Fabrega about the real meaning behind what has become a popular buzzword sometimes considered ‘psycho-babble’. Of course, Michele explains and offers practical ideas to apply in our daily lives which turn a buzzword … Read more

Enjoying Being Single!

Love and Relationship Coach, Michele Fabrega talks about being single as a choice and not a transition between romantic relationships. She analyzes the value and joys of single-hood and why many people choose not to marry or partner. While acknowledging it may not be for everyone, she discusses some of the human needs we all … Read more

What is Sacred Sexuality?

Is sex sacred? Some people see it that way, others see it as a purely physical act. In this video Michele Fabrega, Celebrating Act 2’s go-to expert for Love And Relationships, explains how elevating sex to a level of sacred can benefit the partners by making it special. This is an honest adult discussion about … Read more

Friends with “Benefits” – Is it for me?

Love and Relationship Coach, Michele Fabrega, has a frank discussion with Art and John about the value of a sexual relationship without any emotional commitment. They discuss the emotional ups and downs and what can go wrong as well as how the participants may benefit.

Michele Fabrega: Is It Our Job To Make Our Partner Happy?

In this video Love and Relationship Coach Michele Fabrega makes it clear to Celebrating Act 2™ that only we have the final power to make ourselves happy. And our partner, loving and caring as they may be, can support and assist, but ultimately is not responsible for our happiness. Of course there’s a lot more … Read more

Let’s TALK about Illness, Aging and DEATH!

Often we find it difficult to express our feelings and thoughts about some of the most important matters. Illness, Aging and Death are at the top of the list for most avoided subjects of conversation! Love and Relationship Coach, Michele Fabrega, shares with Celebrating Act 2™ just why this is and why we should openly … Read more

Boost Your Relationship with MEDITATION!

Looking for a way to take your relationship to a new level? Celebrating Act 2’s favorite relationship expert, Coach MIchele Fabrega, explains how meditation can help. It’s a fascinating concept and to many counterintuitive…but one that works. Try it and Let us know what you think!