Can Harry & Sally Be Just Friends?

The age-old question made memorable in a great scene between Meg Ryan and Billy Chrystal in the movie, “When Harry Met Sally” is the topic for this video. It’s the source of humor but a serious issue in human relationships… and well respected Love & Relationship Coach, Michele Fabrega, brings some legitimate research to the … Read more

Staying Connected: Why is it so Hard?

Celebrating Act 2 asks respected Love & Relationship Coach, Michele Fabrega why some of us find it had to reach out and keep in touch. In the process we discuss isolation and loneliness and as usual Coach Michele offers some ideas to help. You probably have dealt with this –or know someone who does. Let … Read more

Harnessing Envy

Where does it come from, this destructive force that seems to take over some people’s waking moments? Celebrating Act 2 discusses ENVY with respected Love & Relationship Coach, Michele Fabrega. It’s a conversation that touches on a real emotion for all of us and offers very practical suggestions on how to deal with it. Let … Read more

Now or Never

So much in life could fall under ” Now or Never.” But Love and Relationship Coach, Michele Fabrega, urges us to share and strengthen and renew our important relationships without procrastination. There’s no reason to put it off! We think you’ll agree with her wisdom! So listen carefully! For more on Love & Relationship Coach, … Read more

Positive Intelligence

Love and Relationship Coach, Michele Fabrega shares some information on how our attitude affects our relationships –for better and for worse. It’s based on a book of the same name. The book Michele mentions in this video is Positive Intelligence by Shirzad Chamine. Her take away is condensed and helpful but that shouldn’t keep you … Read more

Solo Sexuality

Yes, this is a nice way of saying exactly what you are thinking of! But really, whatever you call it, it’s Been around since the first humans! In this video Love and Relationship Coach, Michele Fabrega explains it’s a lot more than just achieving orgasm. Solo Sexuality is about exploring and knowing your body and … Read more

Discover Your Kinks!

How KINKY are you? Maybe not enough! And of course, what’s kink for one person may be standard sexual stimulation for another! Love and Relationship Coach, Michele Fabrega tells Celebrating Act 2 about the good side of KINK and why we need to explore our fantasies …and options! For more on Love & Relationship Coach, … Read more

Let’s Get Naked!

Yes, Love and Relationship Coach, Michel Fabrega wants us to get NAKED!…but it’s not necessarily sexual! Or is it? You’ll have to watch to see why she’s calling for us to stop hiding behind our clothes! For more on Love & Relationship Coach, Michele Fabrega, go to Visit our website Celebrating Act 2 … Read more

Revitalize Your Connection with These 2 Powerful Exercises!

How well connected are you to the love of your life? Want to deepen your relationship for more love and satisfaction? Celebrating Act 2’s Love and Relationship Coach, Michele Fabrega gives you two important exercises you can perform with your partner to strengthen and deepen your connection. Try these and let us know the results. … Read more

Becoming More Yourself!

Do you really know your true self? Are you set in your ways –and maybe some of them are not the true you? Love and Relationship Coach Michel Fabrega explains how we need to be open to change and explore what and who we are to become the best of ourselves. It’s a thoughtful conversation … Read more