Dr. Liz MD: Benign Prostate Enlargement–and more!

The male prostate gland can be a source of concern when it becomes enlarged, as it commonly does with age. Dr Liz explains how the condition can be benign and set’s you mind to ease…while also discussing the possible negatives… This should be seen by both men and their spouses! For more information about Dr. … Read more

Dr Liz, MD: The Importance of Pelvic Floor Relaxation

Exactly what is your “Pelvic Floor” and why is it important? And what are the issues we need to be concerned about? Dr Liz, MD Explains it all –both for men and for women! Equally as important she has a simple tip to help! For more information about Dr. Liz MD, visit her website at … Read more

Dr Liz MD: Morbidity and Mortality related to HIP FRACTURES!

Hip Fracture is particularly dangerous for seniors! In this video Dr Liz MD explains why the incidences of morbidity and mortality are so high in seniors after a hip Fracture! It’s information every senior –and their loved ones — should have! For more information about Dr. Liz MD, visit her website at DrLizMD.com

Dr. Liz MD: A.I. use In Medicine

The new technology known as AI, or Artificial Intelligence, has some people worried about its potential for misuse and control by robots – especially when it comes to medical applications. Dr Liz MD discusses the realistic view of AI in medicine –it’s not applicable for everything– and will inform you while assuring you about the … Read more

Dr. Liz MD: Brain Fog And Menopause

A common symptom of menopause which is not discussed much in “Brain Fog” As Dr Liz explains, It’s related go stress, sleep and your hormones! Thyroid, Testosterone and Estrogen level are involved and Dr Liz goes into all. of this. For anyone going through –or approaching–menopause as well as the men who love them, this … Read more

Dr. Liz MD: Continuous Blood Sugar Monitoring Not just for Diabetics

Monitoring your blood sugar is an important diagnostic tool as Dr Liz MD explains…and now with modern technological advances it’s easier than ever! Watch as she explains how it can be used in preventative medicine and how easy it is! This could be important for you or a loved one! Listen carefully! For more information … Read more

Dr. Liz MD: Sleep Impact On Hormones

You’ve probably heard of Melatonin and Cortisol…and maybe Ghrelin and Leptin ? Dr Liz explains how SLEEP and these hormones–among others– interact ! It’s all about a connection most of us are not aware of! If you want a good night’s sleep you’ll want to watch this video! For more information about Dr. Liz MD, … Read more

Dr. Liz MD: Exercise Impact On Hormones

We all know exercise is good for us…but in this video, Dr Liz explains the details of how exercise impacts our body’s ability to release hormones and how that can increase or add to our good health. While rather scientific, Dr Liz explains it all in everyday language. It’s sophisticated but important information we all … Read more

Dr. Liz MD: Stabilizing Blood Sugar over the Holidays

Lots of seniors need to be careful of their blood sugar and the Holidays, with parties, feasting –not to mention alcohol–can be a real challenge in this regard. Dr Liz, MD has some very practical tips on what –and how– to eat for better health in this regard! Art and John of Celebrating Act 2 … Read more

Dr. Liz MD: Fruits & Veggie Supplements in a Pill?

Can you really condense all the nutritional goodness of Fruits & Veggies into a Pill? Products like Balance of Nature say you can. Dr Liz takes a look at the reality of these types of supplements using science as a guide. You may be surprised by some of the details she presents so pay attention … Read more