Dr Liz MD: What is Homeopathy

You’ve probably heard of Homeopathy since it has recently become trendy (again) in certain circles as alternative medicine. Dr Liz explains that’s it has been around a long time and since the rise of true science in medicine, has lost favor. She gives a great explanation with good examples of how Homeopathy works vs. our … Read more

Dr. Liz MD: Alzheimer’s and Hormones

Dr Liz has some fascinating new research about the pernicious Alzheimer’s. While not conclusive, her information points the way to some positive developments for patients and families. For more information about Dr. Liz MD, visit her website at DrLizMD.com

Dr. Liz MD: How Serious Is MONKEY POX?

The newest virus scare in the US is Monkey Pox! It’s a real thing but just how worried should we be? Dr Liz Lyster, MD explains its origins and history and puts it all in perspective so you can make informed choices for your healthcare. This is an important discussion about a public health issue … Read more

Dr. Liz MD: Breast Cancer in Men!

While not very prevalent in men, Breast Cancer is nevertheless a very real health issue for men! Dr Liz MD addresses what you need to know and how to test for it. Because it is so uncommon it can be easily overlooked and be a big surprise creating great anguish and fear when discovered. This … Read more

Dr LIZ MD: Metformin for Anti-Aging!

Celebrating Act 2’s medical expert, Dr Liz Lyster shares some relatively new medical research which documents the well-known drug Metformin (commonly used to lower Blood Sugar) as having significant anti-aging properties! She explains that while today it is a popular drug to treat Diabetes, it was originally used against Malaria, and now is being considered … Read more

Dr LIZ MD: How to See Through Tricky Food Labels

Despite the effort to reveal exactly what is in our packaged food via required labeling rules, it’s still difficult to know what we are getting! Dr Liz Lyster discusses what to look for on food labels which may show you what ‘s really inside! She reveals some tricks manufacturers and processors use on labels to … Read more

Dr LIZ MD: The Importance Of Antioxidants

The term Antioxidants has become common but what is it all about? What do Antioxidants really do for us? Jut how important are they? For this Celebrating Act 2 video, Dr Liz MD breaks it all down and explains what they are and how important they are in fighting toxins and pathogens bombarding our bodies … Read more

Dr LIZ MD: Essential Oils — Do They Work?

When Art and John raise the question of the science behind Essential Oils, Dr Liz is there with the facts. She discusses how they are made and how they work in the body as well as some of the different kinds of essential oils and their benefits. You’ll be surprised at how important these products … Read more

Dr LIZ MD: Fasting and ANTI-AGING!

Is there a connection between how much we eat and how fast we age? Dr Liz Lyster shares the science on the connection between our caloric intake and our living a longer, healthier life. You’ll be enlightened by the facts she presents as well as the discussion with Art and John of Celebrating Act 2. … Read more

Dr LIZ MD: Should i take a Nap?

Is Napping good for you –or maybe bad for you? How does taking a nap effect your sleep? The older we get, napping becomes more routine, especially for retired folks. But what about those people who have been napping all their lives? Dr Liz MD gives us the straight medical advice on “cat-napping” as it … Read more