How To Find the True Value of Treats

It’s no secret that we use a doggie “TREAT” to get our puppy’s attention and reward their positive behavior. But how do you know what your dog really values as a treat? We’ll it’s easy… and Get Pawsitive’s animal behavior and training expert, Sarah Surritt, shares it with the Celebrating Act 2 Audience. Don’t Miss … Read more

TOP 3 TIPS for Potty Training Puppy

Probably the number one item for every new dog owner is ‘housebreaking’ the dog! In this video Animal Behavior and Training Expert Sarah Surritt of Get Pawsitive breaks it down into the 3 most important things to accomplish this important task. Be sides explaining it clearly she shows some great examples of what to do. … Read more

Put Puppy’s Focus on YOU with Eye Contact

If you expect your dog to respond to your commands, you need to first teach that YOU are the center of attention–getting the puppy to FOCUS on you. This involves establishing a bond through eye contact–not naturally the dog’s focus. Luckily, Animal Behavior and Training Expert, Sarah Surritt of Get Pawsitive takes you through the … Read more

How to Teach Your Puppy Their Name!

Of course we all want out dog to come at the sound of their name. But do dogs really know their name? In this video Animal Behavior and Training Expert, Sarah Surritt of Get Pawsitive, explains how to get your puppy to recognize their name. Sarah gives you STEP BY STEP instructions while demonstrating exactly … Read more

Puppy’s Best First Skills

Where to begin training your dog? Well, Animal Behavior and Training Expert Sarah Surritt. of Get Pawsitive has a good answer for that! She explains that the first skills you want to teach your dog are practices which will help the puppy calm. And she has lots of tips about not only what to do … Read more

How To Solve Puppy Biting Got a puppy that loves to chew on YOU?

Puppy Biting is not just a cute phase …and don’t think they’ll ‘”just grow out of it.” In this video, Animal trainer and behavior expert Sarah Surritt of Get Pawsitive Dog Training, teaches you STEP BY STEP how to train your dog to stop biting you–no matter how playfully!

60 Second Dog Training Tip: Treats for a Walk

You always want to be prepared to reward your dog for good behavior, even when out and away from home, say, on a walk. Certified dog trainer and Celebrating Act 2™’s go-to pet and animal expert, Sarah Surritt of Get Pawsitive, discovered a little trick from camping (a refillable food tube) which you will find … Read more

60 second Dog Training Tip: Keep Treats Handy

You’re training your dog by rewarding good behavior–with small treats. But good behavior doesn’t just happen when you’re ready for it. Certified Dog trainer Sarah Surritt of Get Pawsitive has a simple tip for you to be prepared with a reward whenever good behavior happens!