What To Do With Your 401K Before Retirement

What you do with your 401K before retirement is important and you have a few options. CPA Bret McMillan answered the call from Celebrating Act 2 to address this dilemma for seniors close to retirement. He offers some important insights.

Difference Between Pensions – 401K, IRA, etc.

Pension holders need to understand how their retirement plan differs from a 401K, IRA or other. Pensions offer advantages and some confusing options. Celebrating Act 2 asked our favorite CPA, Bret McMillan, to explain how pensions work and give an overview of what to do before retirement to get the most out of our savings.

Best Age To Take Social Security

Should You draw on SS early at 62 or wait until 66 or get more $$ waiting until 70? CPA and tax expert Bret McMillan shares some facts.

Roth IRA Is A Powerful Retirement Tool

A little-understood but powerful retirement tool–the Roth IRA– is explained by CPA Bret McMillan on behalf of Celebrating Act 2. The Roth is relatively new and has a number of features that make it different. Primarily it has powerful tax advantage in letting earnings grow tax free. Watch as Bret explains and compares to a … Read more

Starting a business after 50 – Important things to know

Over 50 and starting a business? While new business entrepreneurs over 50 have some unique advantages they also have some unique challenges. Who better to give advice than business and tax expert, CPA Bret McMillan! On behalf of Celebrating Act 2, Bret offers valuable advice for anyone over 50 who is thinking of opening a … Read more