Bill Jordan: Men’s Shoes Vs Women’s Shoes

So what is it about Shoes? And why do women seem to need more shoes than men? Or is that just an urban myth? Baby Boomer-Philosopher Bill Jordan explores the depths of this age-old controversy. You’ll enjoy his perspective! For more on Bill Jordan and Embrace The Boom go to Also be sure to … Read more

Meditation and Mindfulness for Boomers

Celebrating Act 2’s favorite Baby-Boomer Philosopher, Bill Jordan explores the value of Meditation and Mindfulness for baby boomers and beyond. For more on Bill Jordan and Embrace The Boom go to Also, Visit our website Celebrating Act 2™ is the User Manual For The 2nd Half Of Your Life …And please subscribe to … Read more

Bill Jordan’s Jordan’s Best Practice Number 8

Baby-Boomer-Philosopher, Bill Jordan has 15 best practices by which he lives to improve his life. In this video he explains #8 to Art and John of Celebrating Act 2™. The wisdom behind it is impressive and applicable to people of every age. For more on Bill Jordan and Embrace The Boom go to Also, … Read more

PJs & Slippers in Stores? Oh NO!

Notice the trend of people wearing PJs and Slippers into grocery stores and shopping? Bill Jordan, our favorite Baby-boomer philosopher and observer of culture, thinks this is an especially bad idea for seniors! You’ll enjoy his discussion–or is it a rant?–with Art and john of Celebrating Act 2™. For more on Bill Jordan and Embrace … Read more

Fireplaces, Heaters and Burning Leaves

Are fireplaces just romantic decorations from the past or can they actually be used to heat a room? Baby-Boomer philosopher and cultural observer, Bill Jordan tosses around thoughts on fireplaces and heaters with Art & John of Celebrating Act 2 before they get transported to a time when we could jump into a pile of … Read more

Are You Old Enough To ENJOY WINTER?

The harsh winter weather–no matter where you live–can slow us down and keep us indoors…but for some of us of a certain age, that can be a good thing! How old do you have to be to actually enjoy winter indoors? Baby-Boomer philosopher Bill Jordan poses that question to fellow seniors, Art Kirsch and john … Read more

Bill Jordan, Getting Philosophic!

John and Art of Celebrating Act 2™ love to think of Bill Jordan as their Boomer-Philosopher. Even though he doesn’t quite see himself that way, Bill does love the wisdom of the ancient Greeks and others. He also has some modern philosophic influences which he shares with us and admits that he is attracted to … Read more

Has Your MUSIC Changed?

Growing up as a Baby Boomer, Bill compares musical taste with Art and John of Celebrating Act 2. He’s surprised how his taste has changed to include music he didn’t appreciate before. The Boys discuss the different eras and how music and culture have changed over the years as well as what type of music … Read more

How Important is Routine?

Is your daily routine a good thing or not? Bill Jordan sees his routine as an anchor for the rest of the day –or is it all just habit? It’s an interesting discussion about what we need to keep us moving and motivated for a happy life. Bill has some good suggestions to remain positive … Read more

Bill Jordan’s Practice #13: Keep It Simple!

Known for his 15 best practices for a happy life, Bill Jordan addresses #13, “Keep It Simple” and tell s us what it means to him and why he finds it a valuable principle to live by! For more on Bill Jordan and Embrace The Boom go to Also, Visit our website Celebrating … Read more