Bill Jordan’s Best Practice Number 9

Part of Bill Jordan’s EMBRACE THE BOOM movement is sharing his BEST PRACTICES for living a good life and enjoying every minute…his book, EMBRACE THE BOOM, includes about 15 (or more) short explanations of life practices he’s found lead him to a richer, happier life. In this episode we ask him to explore #9. We’re … Read more

Bill Jordan: When did That CHANGE?

Why are we surprised at the changes in our life…and why don’t we notice them as they’re happening…things like admitting we need reading glasses because our arms aren’t long enough anymore!? This human phenomenon is explored buy our favorite Baby Boomer-Philosopher, Bill Jordan and all done with a great sense of humor! Join us for … Read more

Bill Jordan: Advice to My 18yr old SELF!

Oh, If we could only warn our younger self of what we know now! Bill Jordan, creator of the EMBRACE THE BOOM MOVEMENT has some very interesting–and important–messages for his youthful self. See if you agree …and maybe pass this on to some youngsters you know! For more on Bill Jordan and Embrace The Boom … Read more

Bill Jordan: Happy Spouse = Happy House?

Baby Boomer Philosopher Bill Jordan thinks the phrase “Happy Wife / Happy Life” ought to be different and he explains why as he discusses with Art and John the differences between men and women and who we live together!   For more on Bill Jordan and Embrace The Boom go to Also be sure … Read more

Bill Jordan’s Practice #16

As the creator of the EMBRACE THE BOOM Movement, Bill Jordan has written the book of the same name with his 15 Best Practices for living a fulfilling life…Actually there are 16! In this episode Bill explains how #16 makes sense of all of the first 15! So you won’t want to miss this! For … Read more

Bill Jordan: Saving Sentimental Stuff!

Seems we all do it: save things we have a sentimental attachment to ! But how important are they and who else would agree? It’s an interesting look at a common foible and why we do it! Also, when you look at some of the things Bill’s actually saved you may change your mind! Let … Read more

Bill Jordan: How Do You Nap?

OK, let’s be honest, it’s a real thing, NAPS, and nothing to be ashamed of if you’re over 60 –even over 50! Bill Jordan and the boys from Celebrating Act 2 discuss the best ways to nap, what’s so good about a good nap, and guarantee this conversation will put to to sleep! For more … Read more

Bill Jordan: Are You Aware? Mindful of Life?

The classic phrase may be “Stop and Smell The Roses” but for Bill Jordan it’s “MINDFULNESS”. The topic is awareness of our surroundings –and all the beauty and pleasures life offers. For more on Bill Jordan and Embrace The Boom go to Also be sure to Order Bill’s new book, Also called “Embrace The … Read more

Bill Jordan: Are You Good at Being Sick?

Bill Jordan responds to John’s contention that a little moaning and whining makes a patient actually feel better by relieving Stress! As they discuss the attitude sick people should or should not display it becomes obvious which of the three you would never want to nurse through bad health! For more on Bill Jordan and … Read more

Bill Jordan: What Kind of Car Are You?

No, it’s not a Barbara Walters trick question –just a fun discussion to make us think a little! Watch and enjoy! For more on Bill Jordan and Embrace The Boom go to Also be sure to Order Bill’s new book, Also called “Embrace The Boom” directly from the publisher at or from Amazon … Read more