Bill Jordan’s Practice #13: Keep It Simple!

Known for his 15 best practices for a happy life, Bill Jordan addresses #13, “Keep It Simple” and tell s us what it means to him and why he finds it a valuable principle to live by! For more on Bill Jordan and Embrace The Boom go to Also, Visit our website Celebrating … Read more

Update On Intermittent Fasting

Bill Jordan is a big fan of ‘Intermittent Fasting’ and shares with John and Art of Celebrating Act 2 just how it’s been going. They too have tried the technique but not everyone got the same results. Draw your own conclusions about what is needed to lose weight with this plan…and let us know if … Read more

Holidays Are Not Just For Kids

You don’t have to be a child, just child-like to enjoy the Holidays! Bill Jordan discusses the importance of family, getting together over meals , watching the joy in the faces of youngsters and how his attitudes have changed over the years. For more on Bill Jordan and Embrace The Boom go to Also, … Read more


After more than 30 years on the radio, Bill Jordan, quit his job and created the EMBRACE THE BOOM Movement. But he didn’t stop working. He continues as an announcer for hire, doing Voice-Over, in what he and Art and John of Celebrating Act 2™ call SEMI-RETIREMENT. You’ll enjoy not only Bill’s story of retirement … Read more

What Do You Miss Most About Being A Kid?

We all remember our childhood–good or bad. But when looking back the question posed to Bill Jordan, creator of the EMBRACE THE BOOM Movement, is: ‘What Do You Miss Most?’ For Bill this is a particularly interesting question since his Embrace The Boom philosophy advises Baby-Boomers to forget our age and just enjoy the life … Read more

Best Thing About Being 67 (or older)

Remember the Beatles Song, “When I’m 64”? Now, baby-boomer/philosopher Bill Jordan is 67 and feels 40…so what age is really old? As Bill chats with Art and John of Celebrating Act 2™ (The User Manual for the 2nd Half Of Your Life) they share some of the wonderful benefits of getting older…even at the ripe … Read more

What is it about Home Made Ice Cream?

Have you ever tried to make HOME MADE Ice Cream? Bill Jordan, creator of the Embrace The Boom movement has…and he recounts the travail and rewards of his adventure in this video. Along with Art Kirsch and John Coleman of Celebrating Act 2™ Bill has a good time sharing what he’s learned not just about … Read more

Bill Jordan’s Practice #1

As the founder of the EMBRACE THE BOOM Movement, Baby-Boomer Bill Jordan has developed what he calls his “15 Practices” for happy living. Founders of Celebrating Act 2™, Art Kirsch and John Coleman, present Bill as their Baby-Boomer Philosopher and he doesn’t shrink from the title. In this episode Bill explains his Practice #1 and … Read more

Bill Jordan: The Importance of Volunteering For Charity!

Bill Jordan discovered long ago, the real winners are the volunteers giving time and energy to charity work. He recounts almost 20 years involvement in a “Radiothon” raising money for a Children’s Hospital and all the unexpected benefits he received. Of course, those benefits were emotional rewards not physical or monetary…but he considers them more … Read more

Bill Jordan: The Music Of Our Youth

There’s that certain song –that golden oldie –that takes you back to your youth–to a specific moment where you were and what you were doing and whom you were with. It happens to all of us. Bill Jordan, creator of Embrace The Boom, shares some of those memories with fellow baby boomers, Art Kirsch and … Read more