The Speed Of Life

Does Modern Life move too fast? Are we missing important experiences? Have we forgotten the pleasure of stillness? Baby-Boomer philosopher, Bill Jordan, creator of the Embrace the Boom movement take on this question as if it were an existential imperative…that is to say with their tongue at least partially in cheek! Another enjoyable, but not-quite-meaningful … Read more

Has the Pandemic Changed You?

The Pandemic has affected everyone…some more than others. Bill Jordan, creator of Embrace the Boom, shares his personal reaction to all the lock-downs and other regulations of the past year with Art & John of Celebrating Act 2™. How has the pandemic changed you, if at all. Do you see a permanent change…in habits? …In … Read more

The Male Crush on Famous Beauties

Yes, men must be from a different planet than women. Witness the proclivity to crush and gush over iconic beauties like Farah Fawcett or Rita Hayworth. Sure, teen girls once had a poster of David Cassidy…bur really it’s not the same, is it! This is a fun conversation exploring the male id. Join Celebrating Act … Read more

Bill Jordan on Self-Sufficiency

As you get older do you find yourself becoming more self-sufficient or less so? Baby-Boomer philosopher, Bill Jordan, looks at this question both from his own experience as well as his astute observations of the world around us. Join Celebrating Act 2™ as Bill, one of our regular contributors, shares his outlook …and how it … Read more

Reflections On Mother’s Day & Father’s Day

Of course we love our Mother…but is Mother’s Day –and for that matter Fathers’ Day –a phony holiday made up by the greeting card industry? And do we care any more? Our three intrepid conversationalists dip into tepid water to solve this age old dilemma with a lot of humor. For more on Bill Jordan … Read more

Bill Jordan: Too Many Choices

Our modern world offers us so many options…think of how many flavors of toothpaste are on the shelf! Is it too many? Are we getting confused or overwhelmed by too many choices…or should we revel in it? See what Baby Boomer philosopher, Bill Jordan has to say when he joins Art and John of Celebrating … Read more

Should Women Go Gray

Bill Jordan, creator of Embrace the Boom, joins Art Kirsch and John Coleman of Celebrating Act 2™ to discuss the favorite topic of old men: Old Women! …er, pardon..that’s MATURE women. Anyway Bill noticed that more women are going naturally gray and he loves it! Is it true? How do you feel about it? Join … Read more

The Ups and Downs of Springtime

Spring is in the air and our three virtual comrades, Art Kirsch, and John Coleman, led by the ever astute observationalist, Bill Jordan are ready to assess not only the ups and downs, the pros and cons of the season but it’s deeper meaning—in their own fashion of course.

Babies and GRANDparenting

What is it about babies? They’re just so kissable and huggable! Is that any different whey you’re a GRANDPARENT? Bill Jordan of Embrace the boom gets together with Art and John of Celebrating Act 2 to compare notes! You’ll have fun watching.  

The Manly Art Of Grilling

Yes, manning the Grill for some is considered a gender imperative! it is to them literally, MANning the Grill! But as our friends Art and John at Celebrating Act 2™ share their perspectives with Bill Jordan of Embrace the boom, we find it’s not quite so universal. Is it in the male DNA or not? … Read more