Debbie Weiss, The Hungover Widow: Dating and Regurgitation Do Not Mix!

What kind of regurgitation is Debbie talking about here? Verbal or good ol’ projectile vomit? Well, when you hear about it one will be as bad as the other….Join Debbie Weiss as she spills her guts about the cesspool of dating from a middle-aged widow’s point of view. You’ll find this instructive…and maybe infuriating, but … Read more

Debbie Weiss, The Hungover Widow; New Video Series on Middle Aged Dating

John and Art of Celebrating Act 2­™ welcome new contributor, Debbie Weiss, aka “The Hungover Widow,” to Celebrating Act 2. A popular blogger and author, Debbie will be the resident expert on MIDDLE-AGED DATING with regular video contributions to the Celebrating Act 2 streaming channel. She promises to share honest, first hand experiences, as well … Read more

Debbie Weiss, The Hungover Widow

Writer, blogger and now author, Debbie Weiss, had entertained (and educated) readers about the ups and downs of DATING AS A WIDOW for a number of years. She’s been published widely in outlets and periodicals such as Huffington Post; The New York Times Modern Love Column; and various Hearst magazines. Her stories vary from inspiring … Read more