Selling the Business to RETIRE! Tim & Linda Keenan

When it comes to retirement planning and actually retiring, the process can be very different for a small business owner than for an employee. Tim and Linda Keenan ran a small, successful audio studio for almost 40 years when they finally decided to retire. As friends of Celebrating Act 2 founders, Art and John, they were kind enough to share their story with us as new retirees. Whether you have (or had) a small business, you’ll find their experience instructive and interesting.

Tim & Linda’s business was Creative Media Recording Tim is still consulting on a project-by-project basis and providing freelance voiceover services and voiceover demo assistance. While the studio is now closed you can still email Tim Keenan at:

Tim & Linda partnered with Anthony at Third Hour Media, a studio they respect and trust, to continue to take care of their former clients. You can reach Anthony at


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