Offering Advice…Can be problematic

Advice–it’s a funny thing! Sometimes it’s welcome and sometimes it’s not! There’s good advice and bad advice. Is there a motive behind your advice? …and it goes on. Being an advice GIVER can be difficult…and problematic. Celebrating Act 2’s Love & Relationship expert, Coach Michel Fabrega, explores many aspects and pitfalls of GIVING ADVICE. It’s … Read more

Emotional Baggage – Got Any?

What is emotional baggage, do we all have some…and more!? This freewheeling conversation covers a lot of ground and is a great introduction to the concept of and everyday application of the overused term, “Emotional Baggage.” Love and Relationship Coach, Michele Fabrega guides Celebrating Act 2 founders, Art Kirsch and John Coleman, through the practical … Read more

Are YOU a People-Pleaser?

What’s a ‘People-Pleaser’? Is it a good thing to be? Love and Relationship Coach, Michele Fabrega talks about why some of us go to the extreme of putting other’s need above our own–and how it can be a bad thing. She explains that trying to please everyone is not the same as kindness and it’s … Read more

Cultivating Bliss!

Don’t we all want to achieve BLISS? In the face of all life’s challenges Is it possible? Well, Love & Relationship Coach Michele Fabrega tells viewers of Celebrating Act 2 just how to stay upbeat despite the negativity around us. Maybe you won’t ever achieve true BLISS but following Michele’s advice will take you pretty … Read more

Feeling STUCK: My Partner Won’t Grow!

Feeling STUCK in your relationship? What do you do when you are growing as a person and your partner refuses to change and grow with you? Yes, it can happen to you, to one degree or another! Love and relationship Coach, Michele Fabrega, knows how frustrating this situation can be and offers viewers of Celebrating … Read more

The 3 R’s: Roles, Rules & Responsibility

Relationships are dynamic! They can change due to any number of forces–from outside the relationship or coming from the partners. As Celebrating Act 2’s contributing expert Love and Relationship Coach, Michele Fabrega, explains often when things change we need to renegotiate the day to day details of our relationship…the roles we play, our responsibilities to … Read more

What’s Your Love Language?

How do you express love? What kind of expressions of love do you respond to? Yes, we all communicate in different ways–especially when it comes to loving relationships. Love and Relationship Coach, Michele Fabrega explains to Celebrating Act 2™’s Art and John about the 5 love languages–5 different ways people express and respond to loving … Read more

Dating After The Loss of a Partner

When a spouse, partner or lover dies the affect is profound. Dealing with the loss and the grief is a process in itself. But When we recover to a certain point and begin to wonder about finding a new companion the issue of loss and grief must be dealt with again. In this video Love … Read more

How To Have A Conversation About SAFER SEX

In this modern era, no two people in a sexual relationship should avoid the question of how to have Safe Sex! Whether the relationship is new or old, there’s lots to talk about… and Love & Relationship Coach, Michele Fabrega, lays it all out for viewers of Celebrating Act 2™. In the process she breaks … Read more

How Emotional Intimacy Can Deepen Your Love Connection

What is Love? What is the bond between two lovers? How can we deepen it for a more satisfying relationship? In this video Celebrating Act 2™’s favorite Love & Relationship Coach, Michele Fabrega, raises the issue of EMOTIONAL Intimacy. She goes on to describe how it works and offers som real-world ways we can deepen … Read more