Coach Michele Fabrega: Expand Your Idea of Enjoyable Sex

In this video Coach Michele shares ideas she learned as part of a training session with Dr. Marty Klein, Sex Therapist. She addresses our self acceptance, communication with our partner, and our expectations about sex, among other things. As always Coach Michele is frank and encouraging about our sexual relationships and offers positive advice. For … Read more

Coach Michele Fabrega: My Adult Children Won’t Talk to Me!

Coach Michele Fabrega: My Adult Children Won’t Talk to Me! Coach Michele Fabrega address the common problem of communication–or lack thereof–between parents and adult children. She has some hard but practical advice which we can all benefit from! For more on Love & Relationship Coach, Michele Fabrega, go to Visit our website Celebrating … Read more

Coach Michel Fabrega: Creating Personal Freedom

The concept of Personal Freedom in not new, but it is very important. Love and relationship Coach, Michele Fabrega shares some ancient wisdom to help with a modern problem by mentioning ideas from a book she highly recommends. Watch and learn. In this video, Coach Michele recommends the book “The Four Agreements – A practical … Read more

My Partner Procrastinates! What Can I Do?

Have you got a Procrastinator in your life? Is there anything YOU can do — or do THEY have to solve their own problem? Well, in this video, Love and Relationship Coach Michele Fabrega shares some very down to earth tips from one of her favorite books. So there is help! Watch this before you … Read more

Coach Michele Fabrega: Honoring Privacy and Confidentiality

We all expect our privacy to be honored and our confidences to be kept but are we equally as demanding of ourselves honoring others? Coach Michele discusses these feelings and how violating them can be damaging. As always the Love and Relationship Coach has a practical approach to these issues. You will know this subject … Read more

Coach Michele Fabrega: The Art of RECEIVING a Complaint

In a sequel to her video for Celebrating Act 2, “The Art of Effective Complaining,” Love and Relationship Coach, Michele Fabrega, discusses what to do and how to act when someone brings their complaint to YOU! This s good practical advice with both you and the complainer in mind. A great life lesson for everyone! … Read more

Coach Michele Fabrega: The Art of Effective Complaining

How do you get what you want our of life and people? Coach Michele Fabrega discusses EFFECTIVE complaining, including important techniques…and no, it’s not the same as whining or nagging! Make sure your legitimate complaints are heard and acted upon by watching this video! For more on Love & Relationship Coach, Michele Fabrega, go to … Read more

Observe & Direct Your Conversations!

Ever find yourself discussing things you really don’t want to…and asking yourself, ‘How did this conversation end up here?’ You’ve lost control of the conversation! …and Coach Michele Fabrega is going to help you get it back! In this video she explains how you can actually OBSERVE your conversation as if you were a third … Read more

Tempted to CHEAT? –What to do!

What if you’re tempted to cheat on your spouse or intimate relationship? What do you do? How do you handle it? Love and Relationship Coach Michele Fabrega addresses this important issue with a non-judgmental attitude but one that will help you think through the ramifications of your actions and come to the right decision for … Read more

Restraining our Communication!

You’ve heard the old phrase, “Bite Your Tongue”? Well, Coach Michele has the modern version of that– along with very helpful ways we can prevent ourselves from saying the wrong thing! You’ll like this video for Coach Michele’s practical approach to a problem we all face now and then –and some of us much too … Read more