Dr. Liz MD: Erectile Dysfunction

Despite the number of commercials on TV for Peyronie’s disease, Erectile Dysfunction is still a difficult topic to discuss. Dr Liz MD tackles the subject forthrightly with important medical information, separating fact from myth. She also discusses the condition’s relationship to overall health and serious other health issues. Getting past the embarrassment, she cautions, is … Read more

Dr. Liz MD: Melatonin – What You Should Know

What You Should Know it is and how it works –and offers her recommendation on it’s place in your medicine cabinet! For more information about Dr. Liz MD, visit her website at DrLizMD.com

Dr. Liz MD: Appreciate Your Liver!

You’ll be surprised at all the things your LIVER does and how much it can contribute to your health–good and ill! In this Video Dr Liz Lyster, MD explains how important your liver can be and how you should take care of it. For more information about Dr. Liz MD, visit her website at DrLizMD.com

Dr. Liz MD: The Best Lab Tests–Blood, Urine or Saliva?

Ever wonder why your doctor orders different kinds of Lab Tests? Is one better/more accurate than another? Why not order all of them –Blood, Urine and Saliva– at the same time to be sure? In this video Dr Liz explains why the different tests are use and what each of them is good for. It’s … Read more

Dr Liz MD: The Benefits of Bergamot!

What a wonderful surprise to learn about another food that has health benefits! Of course, it’s not eating the Bergamot fruit–as you might an apple or orange–but the extraction of healthy compounds from the essential oils of the fruits rind that provides modern medicine with beneficial natural elements. Nevertheless, this revelation is not news to … Read more

Dr Liz MD: You Need to know about PERIMENOPAUSE!

Have you heard of PERImenopause? If not, you’re not alone! Dr Liz Lyster explains how this period, leading up to menopause, is a valuable time for doctors to help women begin to cope with the hormonal challenges of menopause. It’s an important discussion of a little-talked about detail in women’s health! Share this with your … Read more

Dr Liz MD: What is Homeopathy

You’ve probably heard of Homeopathy since it has recently become trendy (again) in certain circles as alternative medicine. Dr Liz explains that’s it has been around a long time and since the rise of true science in medicine, has lost favor. She gives a great explanation with good examples of how Homeopathy works vs. our … Read more

Dr. Liz MD: Alzheimer’s and Hormones

Dr Liz has some fascinating new research about the pernicious Alzheimer’s. While not conclusive, her information points the way to some positive developments for patients and families. For more information about Dr. Liz MD, visit her website at DrLizMD.com

Dr. Liz MD: How Serious Is MONKEY POX?

The newest virus scare in the US is Monkey Pox! It’s a real thing but just how worried should we be? Dr Liz Lyster, MD explains its origins and history and puts it all in perspective so you can make informed choices for your healthcare. This is an important discussion about a public health issue … Read more

Dr. Liz MD: Breast Cancer in Men!

While not very prevalent in men, Breast Cancer is nevertheless a very real health issue for men! Dr Liz MD addresses what you need to know and how to test for it. Because it is so uncommon it can be easily overlooked and be a big surprise creating great anguish and fear when discovered. This … Read more