Leonard Szymczak Enhancing a Classic: Tiny Tim’s Christmas Carol

So, What might have happened to Tiny Tim and Bob Cratchit AFTER Scrooge’s transformation? The creative mind of writer (and psychotherapist) Leonard Szymczak (pronounced: SIM-Check) conjured up inspirational details of Charles Dickens’ beloved but narrowly described characters to fill out the story of “A Christmas Carol” as he sees it. Tiny Tim’s transformation is the … Read more

Lillian Taylor Writer: Courage and Dedication to Pursue Your Dream!

Would you be wiling to turn your life upside down to make your dream career a reality? Even if you. couldn’t be sure you would be successful? Lillian Taylor, Writer is the main character in her own screenplay…and the real-life story of dedication and courage it takes to pursue her dream as a writer. She’s … Read more

A Great Book: The Show Won’t Go On

Art and John interview Author Burt Kearns about the very entertaining and unique book he wrote with his friend Jeff Abraham. In it they tell the story of performers who have actually died during their act…whether on stage, in front of the camera or radio mic or other. Burt explains the premise of the book … Read more