About Us

This is information about the founders, how we came up with the idea, and terms and conditions of use.

About The Founders

Art Kirsch & John Coleman recognized there was no entertainment oriented TV shows serving the 50+ age group, so they ...
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Our Mission

In Life, as in the Theater, Act 2 is where all the interesting stuff happens! Act 1 is just an ...
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This website is the companion to the new talk show CelebratingAct2™ We celebrate the issues important to the healthy, longer ...
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Why Only 5 Topics?

A little organization goes a long way! As Art and I looked at all the things about which we wanted ...
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Start Up Progress Report

John and I thank you for all of the input we have been receiving these past few weeks.  We appreciate ...
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Ready, Set, Go

My partner John Coleman and I have been developing an exciting service for people over 50 who are healthier, more ...
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