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John Mariani

VIRTUAL GOURMET is the Travel & Food newsletter from journalist/author John Mariani. For Celebrating Act 2 interviews John shares adventures, advice and tips on travel, culture and cuisine based on 40 years of globe-hopping and traversing the US. His motto is, Go Everywhere But Go Prepared! You’ll find John’s contributions to Celebrating Act 2 interviews under LIFESTYLES… and you can subscribe directly to his newsletter at


Dr. Liz Lyster, M.D.

Dr. Liz Lyster is nationally known as DR. LIZ, MD. Besides being an author and in-demand speaker, she sees patients from around the world both in-person at her San Francisco Bay Area office and virtually, online.  A specialist in balancing Hormones (for both men and women) Dr. Liz is dedicated to helping maintain your best quality of life, including optimizing your weight, health and vitality.  You can find our Celebrating Act 2 interviews with Dr. Liz under HEALTH.  Subscribe directly to her newsletter and join her community at


Manny Pacheco

FORGOTTEN HOLLYWOOD is professor, broadcaster and author Manny Pacheco’s BLOG as well as the umbrella title of his three books on Hollywood’s Golden Age intertwined with American History. For Celebrating Act 2 interviews, spell-binding storyteller Manny Pacheco shares not only little-known Hollywood lore but modern, behind-the-scenes doings of the Entertainment Industry — as well as tales of your favorite stars past and present. You can find our Celebrating Act 2 interviews with Manny under ENTERTAINMENT.  Subscribe directly to his Blog at


Bill Jordan, Embrace The Boom

Bill Jordan’s EMBRACE THE BOOM isn’t just a website, it’s a movement! His mission is to empower, encourage and inspire his fellow members of the Baby Boom Generation! With a 40 year background in commercial radio, Bill is a charming and entertaining raconteur who’s developed 15 practices for getting the most out of life… with more coming! For Celebrating Act 2 Bill shares fun, philosophy and wisdom gleaned from 65 years of joyous living. You can find our Celebrating Act 2 interviews with Bill Jordan under LIFESTYLES.  Subscribe directly to his website at

To view Bill’s original videos of 15 Practices on YouTube     CLICK HERE