Dr Liz, MD: 3D Printing for Medical!

3d Printing for medical use? Is that even possible? The world of medical science never stops advancing and Dr Liz, MD takes a look into the future of medical applications for 3d printing! For more information about Dr. Liz MD, visit her website at DrLizMD.com

Manny Pacheco’s Forgotten Hollywood: NEW Platforms for Classic Films!

While once it was hard to find classic films –relegated to the rare DVD– it’s now easy, given all the streaming platforms that are dedicated to cinema. Hollywood Historian and author, Manny Pacheco, mentions some you may not have heard of which alone will make this video worth your while! For more on Manny Pacheco … Read more

The Virtual Gourmet: An Honest Look at Spiced Rum

Are “Spiced” Rums new? Innovative? Or a rip-off? Food and travel author, John Mariani address not only Spiced Rum but Rums in general –including some historical perspective you’ll find fascinating! For more on John Mariani go to www.JohnMariani.com And Listen to John’s radio show, ‘Almost Golden’ on WVOX-AM at https://wvox.com/shows/almost-golden/ Visit our website www.CelebratingAct2.com ​ … Read more

Bill Jordan: Grumpy Old Men

Baby Boomer and creator of the worldwide, “EMBRACE THE BOOM” Movement, Bill Jordan stands up for Old Men everywhere and denounces the myth of “the Grumpy Old Man”. Ok, there are some, but Bill refuses to accept that age has anything to do with it —well, not much anyway…and he’ rallying a person or two … Read more

Dr. Liz MD: Benign Prostate Enlargement–and more!

The male prostate gland can be a source of concern when it becomes enlarged, as it commonly does with age. Dr Liz explains how the condition can be benign and set’s you mind to ease…while also discussing the possible negatives… This should be seen by both men and their spouses! For more information about Dr. … Read more

Bill Jordan: Pets for Seniors

Just because you’re old enough to pick out your own pet doesn’t mean you should opt for an animal inappropriate for your age…Our humorist and philosopher, Bill Jordan, discusses whether SENIORS should have exotic pets –and other subjects including dog people and cat people! Enjoy! For more on Bill Jordan and Embrace The Boom go … Read more

The Story Behind Swans, Capote & Le Cote Basque

Behind the popularity of a hit TV Series “FEUD: Capote vs the Swans” lies the real story of high society doyennes set in a top NY restaurant of the 1960s. As a writer and food critic, John Mariani gives a historical perspective to both the characters and the prevailing social atmosphere. An interesting look at … Read more

Dr Liz, MD: The Importance of Pelvic Floor Relaxation

Exactly what is your “Pelvic Floor” and why is it important? And what are the issues we need to be concerned about? Dr Liz, MD Explains it all –both for men and for women! Equally as important she has a simple tip to help! For more information about Dr. Liz MD, visit her website at … Read more

What’s the “MacGuffin” in Movies?

Alfred Hitchcock made the term popular but where did it come from and what does it mean? Hollywood Historian Manny Pacheco explains…but you’ll also enjoy some of his examples of Movie MacGuffins…see if you agree ! And let us know of other Movie MacGuffins we may have missed! For more on Manny Pacheco go to … Read more

La Grenouille closes! The End of Haute Cuisine?

La Grenouille closes! The End of Haute Cuisine? When the vaunted La Grenouille restaurant closed in NYC in 2023 many culinary savants thought it was the end of fine dining in America. Food and travel writer, John Mariani, editor of the weekly newsletter, The Virtual Gourmet, explains why that is not the case. For more … Read more