Going to the BEACH!

Water…the Beach, The Shore, The Lake, The River: Whatever you call it, the water seems to be a universal draw for recreation…is it different in your part of the country? Listen as Bill Jordan, John Coleman and Art Kirsch compare notes and see if you too are drawn to the Beach when the weather turns … Read more

Picking The Perfect Pet: Purebred Cats

Sarah Surritt of Get Pawsitive is a regular contributor to Celebrating Act 2™. In this video she addresses the benefits of Purebred cats for seniors and others. It’s an interesting perspective that covers 3 interesting breeds and their specific traits as an introduction to the wide variety of purebreds available. She offers good advice on … Read more

Wine Myths Which Waste Time & Money

Base on his article in Mariani’s Virtual Gourmet newsletter, Food and Travel writer John Mariani shares three of the ten important caveats surrounding wine. The regular contributor to Celebrating Act 2™ smashes popular myths that waste your time and/or money when it comes to enjoying wine. This is a must see for anyone ever intimidated … Read more

CinematekCreative, Inc

CinematekCreative is a full service video production company founded and owned by Michael Kirsch. I get involved as the line producer on large projects, several of them featured on the website and am also involved in business development. 

TV Host Livin’ His Dream

Remember all those classic TV shows (and their stars) we grew up with? Well, Herbie J Pilato loved them so much that as an adult he built a career as producer, writer and more in the industry he loved. He got to rub elbows with the stars from his youth and became without question an … Read more

Hollywood’s Back At Work!

Film lovers have something to celebrate as Covid-19 restrictions are lifted enough to allow the Hollywood production machine to again crank out movies! Both Studios and Indie firms are dying to get back to business but many questions remain and many changes in the way movies are made will be needed. Hollywood Historian, Manny Pacheco, … Read more

DrLizMD: About Hot Flashes!

What are they? Where do they come from? Are they a symptom of something more serious than menopause? Hot Flashes are frequently talked about but often misunderstood. Dr. Liz explains in detail what you need to know. It’s a fascinating discussion.

NYC – Best Food City In the World!

As a professional Food and Travel writer, who is also a regular contributor to Celebrating Act 2, John Mariani has logged millions of miles reporting on the best restaurants and cuisine in hundreds of cities around the world. But as a native New Yorker, he recognizes that NYC hosts not only a cornucopia of haute … Read more

Our Bodies Don’t Respond to Lovemaking The Way They Used To!

Michele Fabrega, contributing expert on Love and Relationships for Celebrating Act 2™, answers questions about our physical and mental response to sexual stimulus. Importantly Michele discusses many alternatives as well as a positive attitude toward finding joy and happiness in a relationship. It’s easy to lose touch with our own feelings over time and there’s … Read more

CATS: Rescue v Breeds

Celebrating Act 2™’s regular contributor Animal Behaviorist and Trainer, Sarah Surritt, continues her series about Picking The Perfect Pet For You with this episode discussing the choice between a rescue cat or a purebred cat from a breeder. Some great information if you’re considering adopting a cat!