Dr. Liz MD: My TOP 10 Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Inflammation serves a purpose in our bodies, but in the wrong place or the wrong time or for too long it can be destructive. In this video Dr Liz MD discusses the value of anti-inflammatory foods and why they are important to our health. She goes item by item to explain her TOP TEN favorite … Read more

Bill Jordan: Monday is No Excuse!

Sometimes it’s hard to get started…Ever just blame it on MONDAY? Well, Bill Jordan is having none of that! He’s ready to rant! Don’t you dare write off a whole day out of your life! If you’ve ever been guilty of this ‘offense’ you may want to Rant back — or agree! Let us know … Read more

John Mariani The Virtual Gourmet: Is the Michelin Guide BIASED?

As a world-respected Food & Travel writer, John Mariani certainly knows the culinary and travel landscape covered by the venerable Michelin Guide. In this video he discusses an accusation raised by the esteemed gastronome, Gerry Dawes, that the guide is Biased against Spain. John answers that charge with a historical look at the Michelin Guide … Read more

Coach Michele Fabrega: Socks ON for Sex!

Yes, it’s true! As Coach Michele relates, a new study indicates that wearing socks during sex can enhance your pleasure! Of course, you have to watch this video to get the details and make sense of it all…but we guarantee you will be pleased and fascinated by the information! For more on Love & Relationship … Read more

Dr. Liz MD: Erectile Dysfunction

Despite the number of commercials on TV for Peyronie’s disease, Erectile Dysfunction is still a difficult topic to discuss. Dr Liz MD tackles the subject forthrightly with important medical information, separating fact from myth. She also discusses the condition’s relationship to overall health and serious other health issues. Getting past the embarrassment, she cautions, is … Read more

Bill Jordan: Books Worth Saving

Do you have a bookshelf in your house? Maybe a small library? If so, which books do you consider worth Keeping?…and what do they say about you? Maybe it’s true that you can tell a lot about someone by what they read! Watch and see what you learn about Bill Jordan! For more on Bill … Read more

Coach Michele Fabrega: Expand Your Idea of Enjoyable Sex

In this video Coach Michele shares ideas she learned as part of a training session with Dr. Marty Klein, Sex Therapist. She addresses our self acceptance, communication with our partner, and our expectations about sex, among other things. As always Coach Michele is frank and encouraging about our sexual relationships and offers positive advice. For … Read more

Manny Pacheco’s Forgotten Hollywood: Humphrey Bogart – Tough Guy?

What was Humphrey Bogart really like? Was he the tough guy he played so well? In this discussion about one of his favorite actors, Hollywood Historian Manny Pacheco not only talks about Bogie’s fabulous career, he takes us into his later life where he made different films…films that reflected who Bogart really was! Think you … Read more