Silent Films & Documentarian Robert Youngson

Hollywood Historian, Manny Pacheco, tells Art Kirsch and John Coleman of Celebrating Act 2™ about Robert Youngson, an important filmmaker who through his documentaries brought about a revival and new appreciation of the Silent Film era.  Youngson is well known to film aficionados but often unheard of by the general public. Manny pays tribute to … Read more

Our Sleep Changes As We Age!

Dr. Liz MD discusses with John and Art of Celebrating Act 2™ why our sleep changes as we get older and what defines a good night’s sleep for those of us over 50. The conversation covers some medical explanations and some personal experiences. You may find your sleep patters are covered her–well worth your time … Read more

Transform Your Life: How To Start Losing Weight

Weight loss is a problem for almost half the population. It doesn’t have to be. Yes, it all about will power. But what does that mean? In this video Steven R Campbell, “The Brain Whisperer,” shows us specifically how to apply the principles he has developed based on new cutting edge science–in this case to … Read more

Bill Jordan’s “Practice #4”

John and Art of Celebrating Act 2™ really love the “15 Practices” for living a better life of Embrace The Boom founder Bill Jordan.In this episode they discuss #4, “Stay In The Present,” and what that really means. Watch and let us know if #4 is helpful to you!

Puppy’s Best First Skills

Where to begin training your dog? Well, Animal Behavior and Training Expert Sarah Surritt. of Get Pawsitive has a good answer for that! She explains that the first skills you want to teach your dog are practices which will help the puppy calm. And she has lots of tips about not only what to do … Read more

Herbie J Pilato: Caring For My Parents Enriched My Life

Of course, as we mature our parents are also growing older. In almost everyone’s Act 2 there comes a time when our elderly parents need care-taking. It can be a difficult and trying experience…but at the same time it can be a wonderful, rewarding experience. Celebrating Act 2™ is fortunate to have noted Author, Producer, … Read more

Now On the Radio: John Mariani

Food and Travel writer and publisher of the newsletter, Virtual Gourmet, John Mariani, turns his hand to a new medium: RADIO! But his weekly radio show on WVOX isn’t about his usual fare–it’s about nostalgia for growing up in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s in the Bronx/lower Westchester, NY area. Like listening to an episode … Read more

My partner Cheated! Now What?

When your partner or spouse cheats on you it can be devastating! Love and Relationship Coach, Michele Fabrega, has some very sage suggestions–and you’ll be surprised by what she says NOT TO DO as much as you’ll appreciate her other suggestions in dealing with betrayal. It can be a difficult time and a difficult subject … Read more

Debate: The Greatest Film Ever?

Everyone has a favorite film, and an opinion of which film is the greatest ever made. It’s a debate that will never be settled but it is a lot of fun to have. John Coleman and Art Kirsch of Celebrating Act 2™, open the floodgates by asking Hollywood Historian Manny Pacheco to opine. They discuss … Read more

Making A Difference PART 2: Chaplain DOV Cohen, CHARITY & ROMANCE

Chaplain DOV

Art and John continue the conversation with the indefatigable Chaplain DOV Cohen going into details of his background, and suggestions on how everyone can do something to help others by volunteering. Then they delve into his recent Romance and love at 67! DOV’s is a wonderful story of love and romance which will inspire you! … Read more