In Life as in the Theater, Act 2 is where all the good stuff happens!
More than ever before we're living longer, healthier, more active lives and have more opportunities than any previous generation! Let us help you Celebrate your Act 2!

This website is the companion to a soon-to-be new talk show, "Celebrating Act 2™" It promises to be entertaining, informative and inspirational. We celebrate the growing number of us, about 110 million in 2017, who are 50+, healthier, living longer, and more productive than ever before. We've got a lot of living to do.


Art & John VLOG

Lifestyle, Health, Relationships, Finance, & Entertainment
When Celebrating Act 2™ the TV series is up and running, this website will include extended versions of interviews and in depth details of stories seen on the show. We'll also offer background information about our hosts and guests and lots of other information of interest to our viewers. 

We look forward to you letting us know what you like, don’t like, things you want us to address.  This is for all of us who are celebrating a healthy and active lifestyle in this wonderful stage of our lives. Help us make both the TV series and the website valuable to everyone over 50!