Bill Jordan: The Music Of Our Youth

There’s that certain song –that golden oldie –that takes you back to your youth–to a specific moment where you were and what you were doing and whom you were with. It happens to all of us. Bill Jordan, creator of Embrace The Boom, shares some of those memories with fellow baby boomers, Art Kirsch and … Read more

Bill Jordan: Movies Which Make Men Cry

Yes, grown men do cry! But at what? Baby Boomer, Bill Jordan, of EMBRACE THE BOOM wants to share his feelings with you …and Art Kirsch and John Coleman of Celebrating Act 2™ join in to reveal their softer side.

Bill Jordan’s Practice#2: The Serenity Prayer(s)

  Did you know there is more than one “Serenity Prayer”? Embrace The Boom’s Bill Jordan has 15 PRACTICES he uses to improve his life — and #2 involves 3 versions of the Serenity Prayer! You’ll see why all three are important in this video…and then go look up Bill Jordan’s other 14 practices!

Bill Jordan’s Practice #6: 2 ears/1 Mouth

Baby Boomer/Philosopher Bill Jordan has collected 15 Practices to live your life by–the idea is to help us all live a happier, more fulfilling, meaningful life. Art Kirsch and John Coleman of CelebratingAct2™ get Bill talking about Practice #6 and why it’s so meaningful to him –and useful to so many others!  

Trading Your Troubles Away?

Baby Boomer/Philosopher, Bill Jordan, creator of the EMBRACE THE BOOM Movement loves those moments of truth that his us between the eyes. On of his favorites is when people are asked if they would trade all their problems for the whole bag of problems belonging to someone else. Don’t be so sure what your answer … Read more

How is it 8 Years after ‘Retirement”?

It’s been 8 years since Bill Jordan left Radio and eventually created the EMBRACE THE BOOM Movement! Is this retirement? How is life different? Anything like he expected? Art Kirsch and John Coleman of Celebrating Act 2™ grill the happy baby-boomer and coax the whole story out of him about this ‘retirement’ thingy. It’s not … Read more

Has Parenting Changed?

Maybe the age-old cry, of “What’s The Matter With Kids Today?” should be, What’s happened to Parents? As Bill Jordan compares notes with the founders of Celebrating Act 2™ they find lots of changes from generation to generation–some good /some bad. Has parenting really changed that much? Watch and see if you agree.  

The Ageless Attraction of Mature Women

All right, what do you expect when 3 gentlemen of a certain age sit down and discuss women? Bill Jordan of Embrace The Boom leads John & Art of Celebrating Act 2™ in the analysis of beauty and mature women…You don’t have to be older to love older women as these three will prove!  

Bill Jordan on Bond…James Bond!

Bill Jordan loves James Bond…well the movies and the stories—and yes, he has his favorite and not-so-favorite actors who played the iconic spy. He discusses the popular movie franchise and just about everything BOND with Art and John of Celebrating Act 2™. What’s your favorite element of the Bond films? The girls? The Villians? The … Read more