Bill Jordan: Hi-Tech Old School v the Future

If you’re a Baby Boomer or anywhere over 50, it’s easy to remember all the Hi-Tech advancements we’ve seen in our lifetime. Remember 8 Track tapes? or 45 rpm records? There’s thousands of examples. Now think about what our grandchildren will say when they look back upon today’s Tech! Bill Jordan shares his unique and … Read more

Bill Jordan’s Book is a Great Gift for TEENS!

The popular creator of the ‘Embrace The Boom’ Movement, Bill Jordan, espouses 15 daily ‘practices’ he wants Baby Boomers to know for a more fulfilling life–many of which he wishes he had learned earlier in life. Naturally he’s written a book to spell it out for Baby Boomers. But John of Celebrating Act 2 surprises … Read more

Bill Jordan: Transitioning from Parent to Friend

As we grow older so do our children and as the parent of an adult you’ve noticed the relationship has changed. It’s a difficult transition for some –both parent and child! For others the relationship becomes one of equals–like friends! Is that good or bad? And how do you deal with it? As always Bill … Read more

Bill Jordan: Funny How Our Conversations Change as We Age!

Ever notice you’re having the same conversation again? Is it to be expected that folks of the same age will have similar interests and thus talk about the same thing over and over?…or is it something to do with old age? And how old is ‘Old Age”, anyway? How about you and your friends …what … Read more

Bill Jordan admits to a Silly Regret!

Like the famous Sinatra song, Bill Jordan has some regrets–in this case, not quite too few to mention! See if you agree with the creator of EMBRACE the BOOM that is regret is silly or not…and join the discussion about what we should and shouldn’t regret! Life’s too short to have regrets? For more on … Read more

Get Ready for Bill Jordan’s Practice #15

As the founder of the EMBRACE THE BOOM movement, Bill Jordan has gathered 15 philosophical ideas to help us live and enjoy life more… As Bill points out, they’re called practices because they need to be done –to be practiced –every day! You’ll like #15 when you finally watch this video! For more on Bill … Read more

Follow Your Genes!

Bill Jordan, creator of the EMBRACE THE BOOM Movement recently had is DNA tested and got some interesting results. That started the discussion on genealogy with Art and John of Celebrating Act 2™. It’s a fascinating and popular subject and this conversation is a lighthearted look at ancestry history. For more on Bill Jordan and … Read more

Bill Jordan on Our Childhood Sports Heroes

The founder of the EMBRACE THE BOOM Movement, Bill Jordan, takes Art and John of Celebrating Act 2™ on a nostalgic trip to their youth to talk about their heroes from the world of sports. As you watch you will not only appreciate the heroes but share the universal admiration expressed by all fans…and get … Read more

What I Wish I Had Known About Money!

As a senior citizen, it’s important to look back at how far you’ve come–both good and bad! Baby-boomer/Philosopher, Bill Jordan takes Celebrating Act 2™ on a trip to compare what we know about money NOW, after years of experience, to back then. There’s lots of good advice and wisdom for the younger generation in this … Read more

Books Which Have Influenced Us

Have you ever read a book which in some way changed your life, became a turning point or influenced you? Bill Jordan, creator of the EMBRACE THE BOOM Movement, reminds us of the power of a good book. Art and John of Celebrating Act 2™ join in as the three share titles which have made … Read more