Dr Liz MD: Breast Cancer and SOY!

To SOY …or not to SOY? Celebrating Act 2’s medical expert, Dr Liz Lyster, explains that Soy had been alternately considered good and bad for breast cancer patients. She takes us through the history of medical reaction to the use of soy in the diet as well as the scientific reasoning …and brings us up … Read more

Efficacy of Mammography & Thermography for Breast Cancer

There’s been some controversy about the efficacy of mammograms to detect breast cancer. Dr Liz Lyster addresses it and talks about recent scientific studies. She also addresses thermography and explains the differences. No matter what your age you will want to hear Dr Liz’s straight forward discussion on this topic.

Dr Liz MD: It’s SCARY to Lose Bone Health

As we age, Osteoporosis threatens our health. Medical Doctor, Liz Lyster is a regular contributing expert to CelebratingAct2™ and is in the front lines battling bone loss with her patients. In this video she addresses the problem and the current science available.

Is Multi-Tasking Overrated?

How different are women and men when it comes to MULTI-Tasking? And is the skill of MULTI-Tasking of any real value? In this video Dr Liz Lyster, a regular contributor to Celebrating Act 2, sets us straight –from a scientific point of view–about this iconic practice!

Dr LIZ MD: Don’t Be a Boiling Frog!

While men more than women tend to neglect their health and ignore problematic symptoms, we are all capable of procrastinating until our health issues become acute and harder to treat. So, in this video Dr Liz Lyster reminds the viewers of Celebrating Act 2™ that not only are regular check-ups a good idea they give … Read more

Dr LIZ MD Sustainable Weight Loss / BESLIM

In this video BESLIM is not just a desire or annual resolution, it’s an acronym to help you lose weight and keep it off–Yes, SUSTAINABLE weight loss! Dr Liz Lyster talks about weight loss both scientifically and on a down-to-earth practical level offering the details of BESLIM as proven factors in achieving weight loss and … Read more

COVID Vaccine Update! for August 2021

Dr Liz takes us through vaccines– how they work in general and how the new COVID-19 vaccines work. This is an important explanation for everyone –whether you’ve been vaccinated or not–and Dr Liz does a great job of walking us through it so anyone can understand it. Thanks, Dr. Liz for bringing a factual, scientific … Read more

Dr LIZ MD: Heart Disease in Women

Heart disease in women is a big killer! In fact, as Dr Liz Lyster points out, it is the #1 killer of women world wide! In this video, Dr Liz MD explains why we often overlook that statistic and shares how heart attacks usually appear differently in women than in men. Of course the discussion … Read more

Dr LIZ MD: Essential Supplements

Celebrating Act 2™ Hosts, Art Kirsch and John Coleman have different attitudes toward dietary and health supplements. Dr. Liz answers some important questions for them and offers her opinion on which supplements really are essential enough for her to recommend to patients. It’s a topic of great debate today and Dr Liz takes a common … Read more

Dr LIZ MD on Women’s Libido: A NEW TAKE!

You may have thought that we already knew everything about libido! Of course, there’s always something new. In this video Dr Liz MD shares with Celebrating Act 2™ viewers the new way of looking at how a women’s libido works. She mentions the pioneering work of Masters & Johnson, reminds us that libido is not … Read more