Dr LIZ MD: About Growth Hormones

There’s lots of talk about Growth Hormones and “HGH.” In this video Dr Liz MD tells you what your really need to know. Don’t get your medical advice from TV and radio ads…educate yourself by listening to Dr Liz on Celebrating Act 2! For more information about Dr. Liz MD, visit her website at DrLizMD.com

Dr LIZ MD: Your Largest Organ, Skin Pt2 If you watched Part 1

If you watched Part 1, you heard Dr Liz MD explain what our skin is and how it works it’s many functions. Now with that knowledge you’re ready to hear her discuss the basic CARE that we should be giving our largest and very complicated organ. This includes talk about medical-grade skin care products; some … Read more

Dr LIZ MD: Your Largest Organ, Skin Pt1

Yes, your skin is actually an important ORGAN and Dr Liz MD explains why…as well as your skin’s complicated structure and how it works! What is SKIN? Watch this video to find out…then watch Part 2 as Dr Liz MD discusses what we should do to take CARE of Our skin! For more information about … Read more

Dr LIZ MD: The Brain is Not a Computer!

New science on the brain has changed the way we look at how the brain works! As Dr Liz MD explains the traditional way of thinking of the brain as a sophisticated computer has been replaced with other analogies. New discoveries about the brain have led to Magnetic Therapy and other new treatments which do … Read more

Dr LIZ MD: How Up-To-Date is Your Doctor?

As a long-practicing MD, Dr. Liz knows how important it is for medical pros to stay current with all the developments which occur in the medical field every year. In this video she suggests that you as a consumer need to know just how up-to-date- your doctor is! She discusses how doctors continue their eduction … Read more

Dr LIZ MD: Does Testosterone Help Boost Your Libido?

As an expert in hormone therapy, Dr LIZ MD knows the important role testosterone plays in the physical and mental well-being of both men and women! In this video she addresses the actual relationship between the hormone and libido. You’ll very likely be surprised at just how important testosterone is to your sex drive. For … Read more

Dr LIZ MD: Depression is Under Diagnosed in Men!

Dr LIZ MD: Depression is Under Diagnosed in Men! Clinical Depression can be extremely serious and unfortunately it is often ignored or otherwise under-diagnosed in men! Dr Liz MD discusses why and what should be done. In this important video She explains he Male Depression Risk Scale to help folks accurately deal with male depression. … Read more

Dr LIZ MD: Disparities in Healthcare!

Did you know that in the US there are some huge differences in the delivery of healthcare? Not just between economic groups (rich v poor) but between racial, ethnic, geographic, age and other groups! Dr Liz MD educates us to the various disparities and discusses why it’s important and what we can do! For more … Read more

Dr LIZ MD: HPV & Cervical Cancer

What’s the relationship between HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) Herpes and Cervical Cancer? Dr Liz explains this and a lot more including what you need to know about testing and what the controversy is all about!. This is important for both Men and Women — of all ages! For more information about Dr. Liz MD, visit … Read more

Dr. Liz MD on Skin Wrinkles – Men and Women!

Celebrating Act 2™ co-founder John Coleman raises the question to Dr. Liz, Why do Women get more wrinkles than men? To find out if his premise is true, where wrinkles come from and good advice from Dr Liz about what can be done for them, watch this video! Let us know if it was helpful.