Dr LIZ MD: Heart Disease in Women

Heart disease in women is a big killer! In fact, as Dr Liz Lyster points out, it is the #1 killer of women world wide! In this video, Dr Liz MD explains why we often overlook that statistic and shares how heart attacks usually appear differently in women than in men. Of course the discussion … Read more

Dr LIZ MD: Essential Supplements

Celebrating Act 2™ Hosts, Art Kirsch and John Coleman have different attitudes toward dietary and health supplements. Dr. Liz answers some important questions for them and offers her opinion on which supplements really are essential enough for her to recommend to patients. It’s a topic of great debate today and Dr Liz takes a common … Read more

Dr LIZ MD on Women’s Libido: A NEW TAKE!

You may have thought that we already knew everything about libido! Of course, there’s always something new. In this video Dr Liz MD shares with Celebrating Act 2™ viewers the new way of looking at how a women’s libido works. She mentions the pioneering work of Masters & Johnson, reminds us that libido is not … Read more

The 5 Love Languages; The Hormonal Angle!

Dr. Liz reminds viewers of Celebrating Act 2™ of the popular ‘5 Love Languages’ –methods of meaningful interpersonal communication. She goes on to explain that they really do work because each one elicits a hormonal response from us. Of course we’ll learn which hormones (she uses the acronym, DOSE) are involved. In this video, Dr … Read more

BLUE ZONES and the Secret of Longevity!

What are Blue Zones and what do they have to do with living longer? Dr Liz Lyster shares some of the secrets discovered in the BLUE ZONES of the world with viewers of Celebrating Act 2™, giving us vital information on whys we can increase our longevity!

Bring Your SEXY Back! (for Men)

Having given women tips on increasing their libido in a previous video for Celebrating Act 2™, Dr Liz Lyster now talks to the male audience. some of the tips are similar but of course not the same. She covers lifestyle, supplements and lots more in her detailed effort to help men “Bring Your Sexy Back”!

Hormone Pellet Therapy

Dr Liz Lyster explains to viewers of Celebrating Act 2™ what “Pellet Therapy” is, how it works and why she likes to use it to deliver hormones in patients! This is an interesting alternative treatment used to deliver replacement hormones–something everyone should know about.

Shingles & the Vaccine

What is shingles and do I need the vaccine? In this video Dr liz Lyster talks with Ar Kirsch and John Coleman of Celebrating Act 2™ about a very common ailment and what can be done about it -SHINGLES!

Bring Your SEXY Back! (for Women)

You don’t have to lose your libido because of age! Dr Liz Lyster offers some very real world approaches to getting your ‘SEXY” back! She discusses lifestyle, hormones and more! Gotta see this!

Health Benefits of YOGA

Dr.Liz is a practitioner of Yoga and has found it very beneficial to her health. So in this episode she explains to both Art Kirsch and John Coleman of Celebrating Act 2™ exactly how Yoga helps us –especially how it help as we age.. This isn’t a new-age discussion but a presentation of some valuable … Read more