Delta88s – A Great Second Act

Orange County, California’s Delta88s blues band is a remarkable Act 2 going on 20 years.  The first video are interviews by band members Greg Bishop, Tery Bishop, Steve Johnson, Don Dutton, & Jeff Gaul.  They discuss what they get out of belonging to the band, some personal history, and encouraging words to anyone who is … Read more

Paul Roberts Founder OC Talk Radio

After a very successful career in Public Relations, Paul Roberts found himself effectively out of work due to the economic collapse during the recession of 2008 and on.  So what does he do?  He re-invents a much maligned and ‘dying’ art form, Radio.  Join us for this fascinating interview with Paul Roberts, Founder & Station … Read more

Deborah Joya’s Act 2

Deborah Joya was a highly successful and respected engineer in a field dominated by men.  At the top of her game as an engineer,  Deborah Joya finds her real calling in helping people as a yoga and meditation coach.  Enjoy her inspirational story.

In The Pink at 60, 70, 80 and Beyond

Author, Broadcaster and Hollywood Historian, Manny Pacheco interviews Hollywood’s famous “Pink Lady,” Jackie Goldberg.  Pink tells all about how she has constantly been re-creating her life,   She created her brand, her motivational speaking and her activism fighting on behalf of seniors and veterans, which has led her to create fantastic musical shows and more … Read more

Tricia Burton – From Champion Ice Skater to Champion Videographer

Tricia Burton had a brilliant career as a professional ice skater including a long stint with the Ice Capades.  She has embarked on a second career as a producer, director, videographer and is achieving success by applying her creativity and hard work that marked her first career.  Enjoy this inspirational interview.

Jeannie McCormack – Pilates Studio

A terrific Act2 story. Jeannie McCormack started Desa Prana Studios in Dana Point and has a large and enthusiastic following for her Pilates & Barre classes. Please share with your friends and ask them to Like our Facebook CelebratingAct2 page.