Movie Moguls–What Did They DO?

We’ve all heard the names of the famous Movie Moguls: Mack Sennett, CB DeMille, Adolph Zucker, Harry Warner, Louis B Mayer and many more…But what did they really do? And what is a ‘mogul’? Hollywood Historian, Manny Pacheco of “Forgotten Hollywood” not only identifies many of the big names but details the kind of power … Read more

Manny Pacheco’s Fav 50 Film of the 21st Cent (so far)

Hollywood Historian Manny Pacheco makes it clear that his favorite films are not necessarily his choices for BEST Films! Nevertheless, he’s chosen his FAV 50 of the 21st century –so far. See if you agree with his choices…many will also be among everyone’s pick for BEST film as well!

One Hit Wonders (only 1 Oscar©)

Hollywood Historian Manny Pacheco talks about those actors who won the Oscar© at the Academy Awards for their outstanding performance but were subsequently never (or almost never) seen again –or who had a very short career despite the award. You may be surprised at some of the names he mentions!

Manny Pacheco’s “The Road to Forgotten Hollywood!”

Hollywood Historian, Manny Pacheco, tells Celebrating Act 2 about his third book in the ‘Forgotten Hollywood’ series, “Road to Forgotten Hollywood” and its fascinating content. He discusses with Art and John some of the famous and compelling character actors featured in the book …as well as their little known personal and professional histories! It’s a … Read more

J.A. Jance: Real Life vs FICTION!

Prolific mystery writer J.A. Jance talks to Art and John of Celebrating Act 2™ about both her life and work. Her newest novel (of over 60 in print! ) “Unfinished Business,” features one of her most popular characters, Ali Reynolds. J.A. is forthcoming in comparing her own real life story with the fictional adventures and … Read more

Manny Pacheco on The Films of Jack Benny

Jack Benny is an icon of comedy –but best known for his successful Radio and TV Series which entertained generations. It’s often forgotten that Benny also starred in feature films. Not very many…and none very notable according to our Hollywood Historian, Manny Pacheco. Take a look at a part of Jack Benny’s career you may … Read more

The Reality of Over 55 Communities

Some people call them “Retirement” communities but what’s the reality behind those gates? Celebrating Act 2™’s founders, Art Kirsch and John Coleman, talk with their friend Anne Ganguzza who, just turning 55, is considered ‘the kid in her age 55+ community. She’s still actively working her voice-over business from a home studio and is by … Read more

Laugh-In: Fast & Funny TV

Want a good Laugh? Go back to the original “Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-in” produced by George Schlatter! Herbie J Pilato, author, producer and expert in the world of classic television, talks to Art Kirsch and John Coleman of Celebrating Act 2 about tis very special comedy series and its historical precedents. There’s lots of fun … Read more

Manny Pacheco on Comedy: Value of the Straight Man

Who doesn’t love a good laugh? Celebrating Act 2’s Art Kirsch and John Coleman talk with Hollywood Historian,. Manny Pacheco, about famous comedy teams, where the humor comes from and why every team needs a ‘straight man’. It’s not only fun to reminisce with them but interesting to hear Manny’s very real take on humor. … Read more

Character Actors: Do They Still Exist?

Are the great character actors a thing of the past? Is it the quirky supporting role that makes the character actor or is it the unique look and ability of the actor that makes the character come alive? Manny Pacheco discusses this with Art Kirsch and john Coleman as they veer back and forth between … Read more