Deborah Joya, Standing Yoga Routines

Deborah Joya specializes in helping people adapt yoga routines to maximize its effectiveness for an individual’s capability, not some unattainable pose on a magazine cover.  Maybe these standing routines are just what your body ordered.

Deborah Joya’s Act 2

Deborah Joya was a highly successful and respected engineer in a field dominated by men.  At the top of her game as an engineer,  Deborah Joya finds her real calling in helping people as a yoga and meditation coach.  Enjoy her inspirational story.

Jeannie McCormack – Pilates Studio

A terrific Act2 story. Jeannie McCormack started Desa Prana Studios in Dana Point and has a large and enthusiastic following for her Pilates & Barre classes. Please share with your friends and ask them to Like our Facebook CelebratingAct2 page.