Deborah Joya, Standing Yoga Routines

Deborah Joya specializes in helping people adapt yoga routines to maximize its effectiveness for an individual’s capability, not some unattainable pose on a magazine cover.  Maybe these standing routines are just what your body ordered.

Dr. Scott MacAdam, D.C Stretching Exercise

We asked Dr. MacAdam what we can do between visits to the Chiropractor to maintain our flexibility and good health. His answer was a few important exercises.  This Video shows Chiropractor Dr. Scott MacAdam, D.C., demonstrating stretching exercises to provide maximum flexibility and well being for people of all ages.

Dr. Scott MacAdam, D.C. Principles Of Chiropractic

What is Chiropractic? Dr. Scott MacAdam, D.C., discussing the principles of Chiropractic, its history, and why it works for tens of thousands of people who are healthier, maintain their flexibility and have more pain free lives.  

18 Forms – Complete Set

85 year old Taiji (pronounced “tie-GEE”) Master and retired football coach, Vince McCullough, makes it easy to learn Taiji. (sometimes called Tai-Chi) The Qi Gong (“che-gong”) is any routine that consists of a series of short movements or exercises, called Forms. In this series of videos Vince demonstrates 18 very popular forms (there are thousands) … Read more