J.A. Jance on Her New Book: Blessing of the Lost Girls

After kindly quibbling over the number of novels she’s written (is it 66 …or over 70?) John and Art get the prolific JA JANCE to discuss her novel, Blessing of the Lost Girls, which for the first time brings together two of her popular characters…The Walker family and Sheriff Joanna Brady. As you’ll see, each … Read more

Manny Pacheco’s Forgotten Hollywood: Buddies & Sidekicks

The “Supporting Cast” often makes the movie come alive and seem real…and no character is more important to the hero than the “Buddy” or the proverbial ‘Sidekick”. In this video Hollywood Historian, Manny Pacheco, discusses with Art and John the different type of buddies and sidekicks that are beloved by fans. Who is memorable for … Read more

OLLI at UCI: Lifelong Learning For Seniors with Jessie Tromberg

John and Art interview Volunteer lecturer and organizer, Jessie Tromberg about the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) affiliated with the University of CA at Irvine (UCI). It’s a non-profit program aimed at seniors with a wide variety of ‘courses’ and classes on different topics. OLLI is a great resource for lifelong learning! For more on … Read more

Manny Pacheco’s Forgotten Hollywood: What’s a Film Flop?

Did you know some of your favorite films –including many iconic classics — were FLOPS? Hollywood Historian Manny Pacheco discusses box office losers in terms of profitability –many of which are considered artistic gems…and in the process defined what is a FLOP! It’s a fun look at the dual aspect of SHOW- BUSINESS. Join in … Read more

Manny Pacheco’s Forgotten Hollywood: Filmdom’s WORST Mis-Castings

You”ll be fascinated with Hollywood Historian, Manny Pacheco’s examples of the wrong actors cast in a famous role…as well as some of your favorite screen characters who were ALMOST played by actors who would have been all wrong! Be sure to comment with any bad casting you can think of! For more on Manny Pacheco … Read more

Manny Pacheco’s Forgotten Hollywood: TCM in TURMOIL!

Besides being a noted Hollywood Historian, Manny Pacheco also keeps his finger on the pulse of current Hollywood. Here, he discusses some new developments in the business of old movies, specifically the well-loved TCM or Turner Classic Movie Channel. He addresses how major staff reduction may change the consumer product and talks about some of … Read more

Manny Pacheco’s Forgotten Hollywood: The Era of Classic ‘TOONS

So, what ever happened to those classic Cartoons like “Merry Melodies” and “Looney Tunes”? Hollywood Historian Manny Pacheco relates stories about that classic era of animation, concentrating on the highly creative cartoons. Those influential short and wacky films make for a fascinating look back at filmmaking and a golden era. We hope you enjoy! For … Read more

Manny Pacheco’s Forgotten Hollywood: Did Television CHANGE Hollywood?

In this interesting discussion Hollywood Historian Manny Pacheco recounts a few of the ways that newcomer, TV, changed Hollywood forever. For John and Art there are personal memories from the era including both television and theatrical movies! Are you old enough to remember TV when it was still a young medium? For more on Manny … Read more