The Brain Whisperer: How to Banish Boredom

Ever get bored? Find that it happens often? Steven Campbell, the Brain Whisperer, tells Celebrating Act 2™ not only some of the many causes of boredom and deficit attention but also explains just how our mind works and how we can take charge to banish boredom when it occurs. This is filled with good information … Read more

The Brain Whisperer: Motivation vs Procrastination

Keep putting things off? Just can’t get motivated to do what need to be done? Find it hard to meet deadlines? This video’s for you! “Brain Whisperer” Steven R Campbell explains how our brains work –especially when it comes to things we ‘HAVE TO’ do! He talks about restrictive motivation (do it or else) as … Read more

The Brain Whisperer: How to Resolve Your ANGER!

Everyone gets angry at some time but some folks have trouble letting go of the anger–resolving the feelings! Celebrating Act 2™’s regular contributor, Steven R. Campbell, also known as “The Brain Whisperer” shares some secrets — intellectual and emotional– on how to resolve your angry feelings so they don’t expand and get you into trouble. … Read more

The Brain Whisperer: 4 ways to Flourish During the Pandemic

Steven R. Campbell, aka, “The Brain Whisperer”, sympathizes with everyone who has had a rough time dealing with the pandemic. More than sympathy, he offers viewers 4 specific ways to deal with–and FLOURISH– despite the fatigue and depression so common as a result of pandemic protocols. Steve explains to Art Kirsch and John Coleman of … Read more

Gambling – How To Cure The Destructive Habit!

The Gambling habit is one of the most destructive there is! It wrecks families as well as individuals! It’s also one of the hardest to break. But it can be done! Steven R. Campbell explains how to do it and why it can work for you. If you or anyone you know is a gambler … Read more

How To Become Your Own Best Friend!

You’ve heard how we can sometimes be our own worst enemy? We’ll The Brain Whisperer, Steven R Campbell, explains to Celebrating Act 2 how we can avoid that problem by using our brain to become OUR OWN BEST FRIEND! Yes, it’s about replacing all those little negative images we have of ourselves which we don’t … Read more

How to STOP SMOKING – Is there a ‘Best’ Way?

Stopping Smoking is one of those age-old problems that never seems to be solved! As Steve Campbell explains, the METHOD of the solution is different for everyone…BUT he also explains that the common denominator of every solution is our BRAIN…and how we think! That’s where the answer lies …and in this video he shows us … Read more

Transform Your Life by Embracing Your Imperfections!

Very Few of us think we’re perfect…but that’s not the problem. For most if us it’s the reverse –we can’t stop thinking of our imperfections! In this video Steve Campbell tells Celebrating Act 2™ viewers how to replace our negative self-images which hold us back! This is a really important lesson for everyone!

Transform Your Life: What We LOCK OUT of Our Lives!

When we focus on negative images and thoughts we are essentially locking out good images and thoughts. Naturally this –as common as it is–in not good for us. In this video Steven Campbell, The Brain Whisperer, explains how this all works and how we can control it to transform our life for the better! For … Read more