The Speed Of Life

Does Modern Life move too fast? Are we missing important experiences? Have we forgotten the pleasure of stillness? Baby-Boomer philosopher, Bill Jordan, creator of the Embrace the Boom movement take on this question as if it were an existential imperative…that is to say with their tongue at least partially in cheek! Another enjoyable, but not-quite-meaningful … Read more

What’s With All The Famous Absentee Chefs?

Does anybody really expect to be greeted by a world famous chef at one of the many restaurants in his name? Once upon a time it wasn’t such and odd thought, but with the trend of chefs seeking renown, starting a corporation and opening dozens of restaurants, it’s become standard. Celebrating Act 2™’s Art Kirsch … Read more

Expand Your Mind With Art — at Any Age!

Celebrating Act 2™ talks with internationally recognized artist and long-time art teacher, Lyndelle Stonick about the joy of being an artist, the satisfaction of teaching budding artists of all levels and how everyone can and should experience the pleasure of creating an artwork, no matter their skill level. She teaches at a local college in … Read more

Has the Pandemic Changed You?

The Pandemic has affected everyone…some more than others. Bill Jordan, creator of Embrace the Boom, shares his personal reaction to all the lock-downs and other regulations of the past year with Art & John of Celebrating Act 2™. How has the pandemic changed you, if at all. Do you see a permanent change…in habits? …In … Read more

The ‘SMITH’ Shows of 1970’s TV

The What? Yes, 1970’s television fare included at least 2 shows with “Smith’ in the title. They’re both worth remembering for completely different reasons–having nothing to do with the titles! Author and TV historian Herbie J Pilato points us to what may be silver screen star Henry Fonda’s only effort at a TV series and … Read more

Transform Your Life: What We LOCK OUT of Our Lives!

When we focus on negative images and thoughts we are essentially locking out good images and thoughts. Naturally this –as common as it is–in not good for us. In this video Steven Campbell, The Brain Whisperer, explains how this all works and how we can control it to transform our life for the better! For … Read more

Italian Trattoria vs Pizzeria

What can you expect at a good Italian Trattoria…and what’s the difference between that and a Pizzeria? The Virtual Gourmet, John Mariani, explains not only the delicious distinctions but the changing social history of these two favorite types of Italian eating places. You’ll enjoy this! Buon Appetito!

The Male Crush on Famous Beauties

Yes, men must be from a different planet than women. Witness the proclivity to crush and gush over iconic beauties like Farah Fawcett or Rita Hayworth. Sure, teen girls once had a poster of David Cassidy…bur really it’s not the same, is it! This is a fun conversation exploring the male id. Join Celebrating Act … Read more

How To Find the True Value of Treats

It’s no secret that we use a doggie “TREAT” to get our puppy’s attention and reward their positive behavior. But how do you know what your dog really values as a treat? We’ll it’s easy… and Get Pawsitive’s animal behavior and training expert, Sarah Surritt, shares it with the Celebrating Act 2 Audience. Don’t Miss … Read more