Manny Pacheco’s Forgotten Hollywood: Movie Locations- Famous Landmarks

Some of our favorite movies involve famous Landmarks! Can you name some? Manny Pacheco takes you through a long list of movies which featured scenes involving iconic landmarks…Join the fun conversation! For more on Manny Pacheco go to And listen to his podcast with over 90 episodes on Spotify Visit our website Celebrating … Read more

The Doorway Syndrome: “Can’t Remember Sh__”

Our long-time friend and Movie/TV collector, Gracie Montana, hosts this video for Celebrating Act 2 from her Video Studio at Vintage Film Channel. Gracie starts the discussion about memory in later age by bringing up “the Doorway Syndrome” –the common experience that you forget why you went through the doorway into this new room…Also known … Read more

Hollywood Antique Auto Rally!

Nostalgia for the whole family! Two Classic Car clubs gather monthly in Hollywood for a road tour and Celebrating Act 2 cameras happened to catch the dozens of beautifully restored antique cars before the parade. You’ll enjoy the closeup look at these museum-quality cars and the fun people have driving them! Thanks to the Hollywood … Read more

Manny Pacheco’s Forgotten Hollywood: Humphrey Bogart – Tough Guy?

What was Humphrey Bogart really like? Was he the tough guy he played so well? In this discussion about one of his favorite actors, Hollywood Historian Manny Pacheco not only talks about Bogie’s fabulous career, he takes us into his later life where he made different films…films that reflected who Bogart really was! Think you … Read more