Jeff Lazerson Explains Reverse Mortgages

Jeff Lazerson, President of Mortgage Grader, explains the pros and cons of reverse mortgages and other options for people planning for or in their retirement years. In addition to running a successful mortgage origination business, he is a columnist for The OC Register, and an On Air Commentator for KNX radio in Los Angeles.

Darren L Baker – Living Trusts

To the layperson, living trusts, wills, and health care directives are obscure and confusing topics.  A California attorney who specializes almost exclusively on living trusts, demystifies these documents and their incredible importance to the living and beneficiaries.  A comprehensive review of the value of creating revocable living trusts is presented by Estate Planning Attorney Darren … Read more

The Mayor of Financial Advisors

Jerry Slusiewicz’s day job is being a prominent financial advisor to people of all ages with a special affinity for seniors. Jerry is also the Mayor of Laguna Niguel.

10 Retirement Resolutions for Retirees

Article by US News Staff writer Emily Brandon. Click on her byline after you read this article for more, timely articles on Over50 issues that can save you money and live more comfortably.