Manny Pacheco’s Forgotten Hollywood: Mixing Animation and Live Action

Hollywood Historian Manny Pacheco looks back at the early attempts to mix animation with live action—not only the well known Dick Van Dyke dancing with penguins in Mary Poppins or Gene Kelly dancing with Jerry the mouse but many other interesting less well-known examples. The discussion even mentions modern day digital techniques. For more on … Read more

TCM Film Fest ’22: Meet TCM’s #1 Fan

You think YOU love classic cinema? According to at least one of the TCM Hosts, our guest in this video is the #1 fan of TCM! Naturally, Manny Pacheco of Forgotten Hollywood had to drag the CelebratingAct2™ Cameras to meet her in person. You May or may not agree that she is #1 but you … Read more

The Brain Whisperer, Steve Campbell: NOW Is A Good Time

As Steve Campbell explains, our brain only recognizes the present –the NOW– when it comes to setting goals and getting things done! So if you want to accomplish anything what do you do? Steve discusses how our brain works and how to use this knowledge to set and keep goals! This is a very insightful … Read more

TCM Film Fest ’22: INSIDE the TCL Chinese Theater!

There’s so much to see and do while attending the TCM Classic Film Festival in Hollywood….so Manny Pacheco took the CelebratingAct2™ Cameras inside the Iconic TCL Chinese Theater to reveal the spectacular style of this historic “Movie Palace”! You’ve seen the famous exterior but probably never seen the inside!   For more on Manny Pacheco … Read more

TCM Film Fest ’22: Fan’s Favorite Films

Of course a film Festival like TCM’s Classic is built around the movies! We had to ask the attendees which were their favorites of all the great cinema available. You’ll love their answers…and likely wish you had been there!   For more on Manny Pacheco go to And listen to his podcast with over … Read more

TCM Film Fest ’22: Manny at Chinese Theatre Hand & Footprints

One of the main screens for the TCM Classic Film Fest is the Iconic TCL Chinese Theatre. While there, Forgotten Hollywood’s Manny Pacheco couldn’t resist showing the Celebrating Act 2 Cameras a tour of the famous courtyard with the hand & Footprints of generations of Hollywood stars in cement. It’s almost a s good as … Read more