Manny Pacheco’s Salute to Sondheim!

A major force in Hollywood films, composer-lyricist, Stephen Sondheim, is often only thought of in connection with his spectacular Broadway Musical career. But in this video Hollywood Historian Manny Pacheco reminds us of the many motion pictures Sondheim has been responsible for. You’ll not only enjoy recalling these great films and the wonderful music, but … Read more

Bob Brill: Do What You Love & Never Quit!

Talk about eclectic! Bob Brill, best known as a journalist and newscaster in Southern California is also an expert in sports, podcasting on Football and maintaining a lifelong passion for Baseball, Baseball Cards, Western Novels, films and much more. Why quit if you love what you’re doing? He’s still engaged in all his childhood passions … Read more

The Brain Whisperer: Male & Female We’re Wired Differently

Not everyone agrees that men and women are different–or just HOW they are different! While it may be controversial, Steve Campbell, The Brain Whisperer, explains how men and women are simply wired differently and so our minds and our actions are often not understood by our spouse or partner. In this video, Steve touches on … Read more

Lillian Taylor Writer: Courage and Dedication to Pursue Your Dream!

Would you be wiling to turn your life upside down to make your dream career a reality? Even if you. couldn’t be sure you would be successful? Lillian Taylor, Writer is the main character in her own screenplay…and the real-life story of dedication and courage it takes to pursue her dream as a writer. She’s … Read more

The Brain Whisperer: Why Smart People Fail

We all make mistakes but that shouldn’t make us feel like a failure! Sometimes it really is all in your head and Steve Campbell, “The Brain Whisperer,” explains how successful people overcome the negative feelings of failure by analyzing and learning from the mistake focusing on the positive, reinventing yourself and reinterpreting your story. This … Read more

The Brain Whisperer: Steve Campbell’s Weekly Radio Show

Among his many successes, Steve Campbell counts helping people through a weekly radio show on KOWS 92.5 FM in the SF Bay Area. Like all of Steve’s messages it is a positive show and filled with good vibes and good advice. He also interviews people who have changed their lives and made a difference t–o … Read more

Manny Pacheco on James Bond: The Film and The Actors

Who doesn’t love James Bond?  The James Bond film franchise has been one of the most successful in cinema history and on the eve of Bond actor Daniel Craig’s last appearance as the iconic spy, Hollywood Historian, Manny Pacheco, author of the book series, “Forgotten Hollywood,” dose a retrospective on both the films and the … Read more

The Brain Whisperer: Getting Out Of Our Own Way!

Ever shoot yourself in the foot? Put Your foot in your mouth? Sabotage yourself? Yep, sometimes we are our own worst enemy! But you’re not alone! The Brain Whisperer, Steve Campbell tells us why we do it and how to stop it! It’s all about what you think and what you are telling your brain! … Read more

Famous Movie Stars who Moved to Television

When Art and John of Celebrating Act 2™ get together with Hollywood Historian, Manny Pacheco, author of the “Forgotten Hollywood” series of books the nostalgic trivia has no bounds. In this video they discuss some of the successful Movie Stars who made the leap to TV— at great risk to their career (or so it … Read more

The Brain Whisperer: Rethinking The Holidays

The year-end Holiday season –starting generally around Halloween and often extending past New Year’s– is often a cause for dread rather than joyful anticipation. The Brain Whisper, Steven Campbell, tells Celebrating Act 2 that it doesn’t have to be that way! He explains how our brain works and how we can replace the negative images … Read more