The Brain Whisperer, Steve Campbell: NOW Is A Good Time

As Steve Campbell explains, our brain only recognizes the present –the NOW– when it comes to setting goals and getting things done! So if you want to accomplish anything what do you do? Steve discusses how our brain works and how to use this knowledge to set and keep goals! This is a very insightful … Read more

The Brain Whisperer, Steve Campbell: Having No Limits is Limiting

Our brain seem to have a limitless ability to gain and process knowledge–or does it? Can we really place NO limits on ourselves or does that somehow backfire on us? The Brain Whisperer, Steven R. Campbell explains the irony of how NO Limits can overwhelm us and actually be limiting! You’ll find this interesting and … Read more

The Brain Whisperer, Steve Campbell: Does Success Breed Success?

Where does success begin? The Brain Whisperer, Steve Campbell, answers the question, “Does Success breed Success?” with a fascinating discussion of the role your brain plays in your success–both at the beginning of an endeavor and throughout. If you want to be successful you will want to listen to this video for a powerful insight … Read more

The Brain Whisperer, Steve Campbell: 5 Keys to Being Successful

We all want to be successful–in career, relationships and just about everything we do. But why don’t we always achieve it? Steve Campbell has 5 thing to consider and it’s all about YOU. His 5 Keys include some of the things very successful people do but it also starts with reconsidering just what we consider … Read more

The Brain Whisperer, Steve Campbell: Optimism In A Troubled World

Are you a Pessimist …or an Optimist? How can you be positive in such a negative environment –politics, world conflicts, economic woes and more? Isn’t there always something to worry about? Steve Campbell teaches us how to deal with the bad stuff in life–large or small — by sharing the brain secret that optimists use, … Read more

The Brain Whisperer, Steve Campbell: Age Proofing Your Brain

As we grow older, is it inevitable that we lose brain function? After all, millions of brain cells are dying every day! In this video Celebrating Act 2’s ‘Brain Whisperer’, Steve Campbell, explains not only some of our brains’ physical changes but why we Do Not have to lose functionality. He cites important studies and … Read more

The Brain Whisperer, Steve Campbell: How to get Back on the Horse

To fail is human. So why do we get discouraged even to the point of quitting? And more importantly, how can we deal with it to “get back on the horse” after we’ve fallen down? Steve Campbell, the renowned “Brain Whisperer,” explains that Life is a moving picture–not a still snapshot. He offers some positive … Read more