While Herbie J Pilato is an acknowledged expert on television, he’s also an interesting personality and member of the Act2 Generation™. We recommend you watch our interview with Herbie J in the video entitled, “Caring for My Parents Enriched My Life,” as he tells his heartwarming story of putting his career on hold to take care of his aging parents. He also hosts his own TV Series “Then Again With Herbie J Pilato”  Streaming on  Amazon Prime. As a man who has done almost everything in television from acting to producing (and obviously, writing) Herbie J is also a regular Features Writer for the Television Academy and Emmys.com. If you grew up watching TV in the 1950s, '60s or '70s as most of us over 50 did, you’ll have a lot of fun sharing memories with Herbie J and Celebrating Act 2™

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Twitch Upon A Star: Elizabeth Montgomery Biography by Herbie J Pilato

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Author Herbie J Pilato on TV’s Top Male Icons of ’50s, ’60s, ’70s

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Herbie J Pilato: Caring For My Parents Enriched My Life

Of course, as we mature our parents are also growing older. In almost everyone’s Act 2 there comes a time ...
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TV Host Livin’ His Dream

Remember all those classic TV shows (and their stars) we grew up with? Well, Herbie J Pilato loved them so ...
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