John Mariani The Virtual Gourmet: Defending Beef Eating

In a recent article for FORBES, for which he is a regular contributor, Food and Travel Writer John Mariani took exception to the suggestion by the NY Times food Critic that the current era is “The End Of Beef”! In this video John gives a well reasoned and historically based argument against the idea that … Read more

John Mariani The Virtual Gourmet: My First Post-Covid Trip to Europe

Despite being a Food & Travel reporter, John, like most people, limited his travel severely during the Covid Pandemic. Now that restrictions are being loosened he is planning his first trip to Europe in 2 years! In this video he talks not only of European restrictions but his reticence to visit NYC during the Pandemic. … Read more

John Mariani The Virtual Gourmet: Great Moments In Italian Food

The author of at least 3 books on Italian food (among the dozen + he’s written) John Mariani takes a look at some of the game changing moments that have contributed to Italian cuisine becoming so ubiquitous. It’s a fun tour through time and food culture as he shares the history with Art Kirsch and … Read more

John Mariani, The Virtual Gourmet: Hemingway, the Connoisseur & Gourmand

One of the world’s great writers, Ernest Hemingway, was known for his inclusion of food and wine in his writing. How much did it reflect his life, notoriously lived with gusto–and his taste? You’ll enjoy John Mariani’s knowledgeable analysis and and fun tales of Hemingway’s personal adventures in food and drink around the world as … Read more

John Mariani, The Virtual Gourmet: New Trends for 2022

What can we expect for year 2022 when it comes to food, drink and restaurants? Food & Travel writer and publisher of the newsletter, The Virtual Gourmet, John Mariani foretells what’s on the horizon. It’s an interesting take on our society and culture in the age of a pandemic…and an educated look ahead! For more … Read more

John Mariani, The Virtual Gourmet: Global Warming Is Affecting Vineyards!

As a veteran wine and food writer, John Mariani, publisher of “The Virtual Gourmet” newsletter keeps abreast of wine production all around the world. In this video he reports that Global Warming has actually had an effect on vineyards and can be expected to continue. The details are fascinating and his explanation easy to understand. … Read more

John Mariani, The Virtual Gourmet: American Culture for Visitors to Big US Cities

You don’t have to be a foreigner to be shocked at the difference in prices–and culture– in America’s large cities! International Food and Travel writer and publisher of “The Virtual Gourmet”, John Mariani discusses how America’s largest Cities in many ways have their own culture–and can be surprising to visiting Americans as well as foreigners! … Read more