John Mariani The Virtual Gourmet: Is the Michelin Guide BIASED?

As a world-respected Food & Travel writer, John Mariani certainly knows the culinary and travel landscape covered by the venerable Michelin Guide. In this video he discusses an accusation raised by the esteemed gastronome, Gerry Dawes, that the guide is Biased against Spain. John answers that charge with a historical look at the Michelin Guide … Read more

John Mariani The Virtual Gourmet: Katz’s Famous NY Deli

Being from NYC originally, Art and John of Celebrating Act 2 can’t resist engaging the NY-based Food & Travel writer, John Mariani, about his review of the historic KATZ’s Deli in Manhattan. The conversation includes the history of Katz’s (100 + Years) as well as what make a great Delicatessen and of course a number … Read more

John Mariani The Virtual Gourmet: Attention: Wine is CHANGING!

This discussion starts with a comment by the new editor of Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine Book, a wonderful reference for the masses. Food and Travel expert, Mariani, explains about the respected annual reference book and how over the decades wines do change –locally as well as world wide–based on many factors. It’s an interesting global … Read more

John Mariani The Virtual Gourmet: on Fine Dining at Disney World

After a recent trip to Disney World in Florida, Food and Travel writer John Mariani reports on a surprising aspect of the huge mega resort–FINE DINING! While known for having something attractive for every-aged member of the family, Disney World is also for ADULTS with high taste and the budget to enjoy world-class FINE DINING. … Read more

John Mariani The Virtual Gourmet: All About Dessert Wines

Particularly in warmer weather we often enjoy an after dinner drink of a sweet dessert wine. What is a dessert wine, anyway? In this video John Mariani, the publisher of The Virtual Gourmet newsletter (free), discusses sweet wines, fortified wines and more dessert wines, even cognac and brandy. As he is known for, John includes … Read more

John Mariani The Virtual Gourmet: How Many Restaurants Satisfy a Celebrity Chef?

With the proliferation of Celebrity-Chef-named restaurants, often part of a large multi-city chain or group, the question arises about how many is too many to maintain the Chef’s signature touch and quality! John Mariani, noted food and travel writer and publisher of the The Virtual Gourmet newsletter (free) tackles this question from both a practical … Read more

John Mariani The Virtual Gourmet: Pirates, Grog and Holiday Punch!

Even if you don’t subscribe to “Talk Like A Pirate Day” you may wonder what the Pirate’s legendary drink, GROG was all about. As The VIrtual Gourmet, John Mariani, answers Celebrating Act 2’s Art Kirsch’s query he takes us on a journey of rum drinks and their history…even making the connection to “Punch” and modern … Read more