John Mariani, The VIrtual Gourmet, on BBQ Styles & Myths!

Yes there are many varieties of BBQ sauces and styles and quite a few false ideas have cropped up about them. In this video Food and Travel Writer and Publisher of The Virtual Gourmet newsletter addresses regional styles including those based on vinegar, mustard and ketchup as well as rubs and smoking! It’s a mouth-wateringly … Read more

John Mariani’s 2nd Online Novel, “Capone’s Gold’

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10 Things Airlines MUST Change After The Pandemic

As the COVID Pandemic slowly recedes due to vaccines, more people are beginning to use air travel again. Celebrating Act 2™ turns to our regular contributing expert, Food and Travel Critic John Mariani, for ideas and useful suggestions for changes which airlines should make to benefit travelers. The industry has become notorious for practices and … Read more

What’s Up? A Big Deal NY Restaurant Goes Vegan

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What’s With All The Famous Absentee Chefs?

Does anybody really expect to be greeted by a world famous chef at one of the many restaurants in his name? Once upon a time it wasn’t such and odd thought, but with the trend of chefs seeking renown, starting a corporation and opening dozens of restaurants, it’s become standard. Celebrating Act 2™’s Art Kirsch … Read more

Italian Trattoria vs Pizzeria

What can you expect at a good Italian Trattoria…and what’s the difference between that and a Pizzeria? The Virtual Gourmet, John Mariani, explains not only the delicious distinctions but the changing social history of these two favorite types of Italian eating places. You’ll enjoy this! Buon Appetito!

What Defines A French Bistro?

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Have Italian Wine Laws Become A Farce?

Have Italian Wine Laws Become A Farce? We all know that wine production in places like Italy and France are carefully regulated –at least in terms of accurate labeling for the public. It’s long been the case that you could expect the wine to match the description on the label, thanks to the authorities. But … Read more

Does Today’s Food MEDIA Demonize Food with P.C.?

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How NOT to Get Sick while Traveling!

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