John Mariani, The VIrtual Gourmet: Tipping, a U.S. Phenomenon

It’s controversial, and it’s unique to the U.S.! So Why do we do it? What’s a ‘fair’ tip and does it really stand for “To Insure Promptness? These and many other aspects of tipping are explored in this free ranging discussion about the practice of tipping our servers in restaurants! It’s the kind of talk … Read more

Bill Jordan: The Music Of Our Youth

There’s that certain song –that golden oldie –that takes you back to your youth–to a specific moment where you were and what you were doing and whom you were with. It happens to all of us. Bill Jordan, creator of Embrace The Boom, shares some of those memories with fellow baby boomers, Art Kirsch and … Read more

What Customers Should Know Before Criticizing a Restaurant POST-Pandemic!

It’s more than about good manners–it’s a discussion about just how demanding and critical a customer should be, really at any time, but certainly in the wake of the COVID Pandemic. As an expert food writer and restaurant critic, John Mariani, publisher of The Virtual Gourmet newsletter, certainly knows the boundaries of fair critique. He … Read more

Bill Jordan: Movies Which Make Men Cry

Yes, grown men do cry! But at what? Baby Boomer, Bill Jordan, of EMBRACE THE BOOM wants to share his feelings with you …and Art Kirsch and John Coleman of Celebrating Act 2™ join in to reveal their softer side.

John Mariani, The VIrtual Gourmet: Favorite Fall Foods

Art Kirsch and John Coleman of Celebrating Act 2™ get special contributor, John Mariani of the Virtual Gourmet, to discuss the favorite foods of Autumn. He touches on many of the most favorites but did he include yours? And did he mention a dish you haven’t tried yet? This is a fun discussion about seasonal … Read more

The Brain Whisperer: How to Banish Boredom

Ever get bored? Find that it happens often? Steven Campbell, the Brain Whisperer, tells Celebrating Act 2™ not only some of the many causes of boredom and deficit attention but also explains just how our mind works and how we can take charge to banish boredom when it occurs. This is filled with good information … Read more

Bill Jordan’s Practice#2: The Serenity Prayer(s)

  Did you know there is more than one “Serenity Prayer”? Embrace The Boom’s Bill Jordan has 15 PRACTICES he uses to improve his life — and #2 involves 3 versions of the Serenity Prayer! You’ll see why all three are important in this video…and then go look up Bill Jordan’s other 14 practices!

The Healing Hand: 5 Discussions To Have With the Dying

Celebrating Act 2™ offers this uplifting and very practical conversation about talking with loved ones who are terminal and dealing with loss and grief. After many years as grief counselor and hospice minister, Sue Knight Deutsch had to deal with the terminal illness of her husband and turn all her training, knowledge and compassion on … Read more

Why Restaurants Need Critics More Than Ever!

The COVID Pandemic has changed many things for the food and hospitality industry. The Virtual Gourmet, John Mariani, looks at the restaurant sector and explains the relationship with journalists/reviewers/critics.It’s a fascination look inside one of our favorite pleasures: dining out! John’s opinion may surprise you but his logic based on years of experience will impress … Read more