Bill Jordan: Monday is No Excuse!

Sometimes it’s hard to get started…Ever just blame it on MONDAY? Well, Bill Jordan is having none of that! He’s ready to rant! Don’t you dare write off a whole day out of your life! If you’ve ever been guilty of this ‘offense’ you may want to Rant back — or agree! Let us know … Read more

John Mariani The Virtual Gourmet: Is the Michelin Guide BIASED?

As a world-respected Food & Travel writer, John Mariani certainly knows the culinary and travel landscape covered by the venerable Michelin Guide. In this video he discusses an accusation raised by the esteemed gastronome, Gerry Dawes, that the guide is Biased against Spain. John answers that charge with a historical look at the Michelin Guide … Read more

Bill Jordan: Books Worth Saving

Do you have a bookshelf in your house? Maybe a small library? If so, which books do you consider worth Keeping?…and what do they say about you? Maybe it’s true that you can tell a lot about someone by what they read! Watch and see what you learn about Bill Jordan! For more on Bill … Read more

Bill Jordan: Writing It Down Makes It Real!

Are you into making a list? or maybe someone else makes your list for you? What’s the advantage to writing it down? Bill Jordan discusses this human quirk — the fact that sometimes writing it down makes it a real goal — and why some of us really do need to make a list! For … Read more

John Mariani The Virtual Gourmet: Katz’s Famous NY Deli

Being from NYC originally, Art and John of Celebrating Act 2 can’t resist engaging the NY-based Food & Travel writer, John Mariani, about his review of the historic KATZ’s Deli in Manhattan. The conversation includes the history of Katz’s (100 + Years) as well as what make a great Delicatessen and of course a number … Read more

Bill Jordan: Hobbies are a lot of work!

How come some folks find their hobby a great pastime when they concentrate heavily and spend so much effort on it? Bill Jordan brings his Baby-Boomer philosophical analysis to the question of work vs. hobby as he discusses the concept of leisure time and hobbies with Art and John of Celebrating Act 2. It’s an … Read more

John Mariani The Virtual Gourmet: Attention: Wine is CHANGING!

This discussion starts with a comment by the new editor of Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine Book, a wonderful reference for the masses. Food and Travel expert, Mariani, explains about the respected annual reference book and how over the decades wines do change –locally as well as world wide–based on many factors. It’s an interesting global … Read more

Bill Jordan: New Monthly Resolutions!

You no doubt have heard of–even tried–New Year’s Resolutions. Now, Bill Jordan of EMBRACE THE BOOM, suggests new MONTHLY Resolutions. He explains why and discusses it with Celebrating Act 2. If there are changes you want to RESOLVE to make in you life, this will give you a valuable perspective on how to get it … Read more

John Mariani The Virtual Gourmet: on Fine Dining at Disney World

After a recent trip to Disney World in Florida, Food and Travel writer John Mariani reports on a surprising aspect of the huge mega resort–FINE DINING! While known for having something attractive for every-aged member of the family, Disney World is also for ADULTS with high taste and the budget to enjoy world-class FINE DINING. … Read more