The Brain Whisperer, Steve Campbell: Having No Limits is Limiting

Our brain seem to have a limitless ability to gain and process knowledge–or does it? Can we really place NO limits on ourselves or does that somehow backfire on us? The Brain Whisperer, Steven R. Campbell explains the irony of how NO Limits can overwhelm us and actually be limiting! You’ll find this interesting and … Read more

On Grandparenting

Bill Jordan, Baby-Boomer-Philosopher, discusses with Celebrating Act 2’s Art Kirsch and John Coleman the wonders and joy of being a grandparent. It’s unique and special and they have a good time living it all! For more on Bill Jordan and Embrace The Boom go to Also be sure to Order Bill’s new book, Also … Read more

Debbie Weiss, The Hungover Widow, on Middle-Aged Dating: The Missing Element: RESPECT

Aretha Franklin sang about it: RESPECT! Debbie Weiss say’s it’s often what’s missing in the middle-aged dating scene. She’s got the war-stories to prove it…   For more on Debbie Weiss go to Read her blogs and articles on Follow her on Twitter: Look for Debbie’s first Book, WidowLand coming in late … Read more

Bill Jordan’s Best Practice #10: Calm Is Contagious

As the creator of the EMBRACE THE BOOM Movement, Bill Jordan has become famous for his ’15 Practices’ — all great suggestions on how to live a happier, more fulfilling life — Baby Boomer or not! Here, he discusses #10 with Celebrating Act 2: Calm is Contagious. Listen and see if all of a sudden … Read more

The Brain Whisperer, Steve Campbell: Does Success Breed Success?

Where does success begin? The Brain Whisperer, Steve Campbell, answers the question, “Does Success breed Success?” with a fascinating discussion of the role your brain plays in your success–both at the beginning of an endeavor and throughout. If you want to be successful you will want to listen to this video for a powerful insight … Read more

John Mariani The Virtual Gourmet: Defending Beef Eating

In a recent article for FORBES, for which he is a regular contributor, Food and Travel Writer John Mariani took exception to the suggestion by the NY Times food Critic that the current era is “The End Of Beef”! In this video John gives a well reasoned and historically based argument against the idea that … Read more

Bill Jordan’s New Book: Embrace The Boom

Yes, it’s finally happened…Bill Jordan has cajoled someone into publishing his Baby-Boomer philosophy along with his ’15 Practices’ into a real Book! If you’ve followed him on social media or on Celebrating Act 2 you know his wisdom can be very entertaining! Here, Bill explains the Embrace The Boom Movement and tells us why we … Read more

John Mariani The Virtual Gourmet: My First Post-Covid Trip to Europe

Despite being a Food & Travel reporter, John, like most people, limited his travel severely during the Covid Pandemic. Now that restrictions are being loosened he is planning his first trip to Europe in 2 years! In this video he talks not only of European restrictions but his reticence to visit NYC during the Pandemic. … Read more

The Brain Whisperer, Steve Campbell: 5 Keys to Being Successful

We all want to be successful–in career, relationships and just about everything we do. But why don’t we always achieve it? Steve Campbell has 5 thing to consider and it’s all about YOU. His 5 Keys include some of the things very successful people do but it also starts with reconsidering just what we consider … Read more