Herbie J Pilato on Super TV Producer, QUINN MARTIN

Many of our favorite shows seem to come from the same prolific producers, who in their own right become super stars. In this video, TV expert Herbie J Pilato discusses with Celebrating Act 2 the unusually successful QUINN MARTIN. Besides Martin’s many hit series, such as The Fugitive, Barnaby Jones and The Streets Of San … Read more

Gambling – How To Cure The Destructive Habit!

The Gambling habit is one of the most destructive there is! It wrecks families as well as individuals! It’s also one of the hardest to break. But it can be done! Steven R. Campbell explains how to do it and why it can work for you. If you or anyone you know is a gambler … Read more

Has Parenting Changed?

Maybe the age-old cry, of “What’s The Matter With Kids Today?” should be, What’s happened to Parents? As Bill Jordan compares notes with the founders of Celebrating Act 2™ they find lots of changes from generation to generation–some good /some bad. Has parenting really changed that much? Watch and see if you agree.  

John Mariani, The VIrtual Gourmet, on BBQ Styles & Myths!

Yes there are many varieties of BBQ sauces and styles and quite a few false ideas have cropped up about them. In this video Food and Travel Writer and Publisher of The Virtual Gourmet newsletter addresses regional styles including those based on vinegar, mustard and ketchup as well as rubs and smoking! It’s a mouth-wateringly … Read more

The Ageless Attraction of Mature Women

All right, what do you expect when 3 gentlemen of a certain age sit down and discuss women? Bill Jordan of Embrace The Boom leads John & Art of Celebrating Act 2™ in the analysis of beauty and mature women…You don’t have to be older to love older women as these three will prove!  

Author Herbie J Pilato on the Groundbreaking TV Series, LIFE GOES ON

Author and TV expert, Herbie J Polito talks with Celebrating Act 2 about his tome, Life Story: The Book Of “Life Goes On” , which takes an in-depth look at the groundbreaking television series from 1989 to 1993. Life Goes on was the first show to feature and actor with Down’s Syndrome playing a character … Read more

How To Become Your Own Best Friend!

You’ve heard how we can sometimes be our own worst enemy? We’ll The Brain Whisperer, Steven R Campbell, explains to Celebrating Act 2 how we can avoid that problem by using our brain to become OUR OWN BEST FRIEND! Yes, it’s about replacing all those little negative images we have of ourselves which we don’t … Read more

John Mariani’s 2nd Online Novel, “Capone’s Gold’

Celebrating Act 2™’s contributing expert for Food & Travel, John Mariani, is also an author with over a dozen books to his credit–including 4 novels! During the Pandemic he offered weekly installments of his latest novel, “Love & Pizza.” NOW, the Virtual Gourmet is turning his hand toward a mystery based on historical fact about … Read more

How to STOP SMOKING – Is there a ‘Best’ Way?

Stopping Smoking is one of those age-old problems that never seems to be solved! As Steve Campbell explains, the METHOD of the solution is different for everyone…BUT he also explains that the common denominator of every solution is our BRAIN…and how we think! That’s where the answer lies …and in this video he shows us … Read more

Bill Jordan on Bond…James Bond!

Bill Jordan loves James Bond…well the movies and the stories—and yes, he has his favorite and not-so-favorite actors who played the iconic spy. He discusses the popular movie franchise and just about everything BOND with Art and John of Celebrating Act 2™. What’s your favorite element of the Bond films? The girls? The Villians? The … Read more